A digital badge is a visual token of a specific achievement, affiliation, authorization, certification, or other trust relationship. An SAP Certification digital badge offers a visual representation and confirmation of your SAP Certification. SAP relies on Credly, an enterprise- class open badge platform, to provide Web-based digital badges for verifiable SAP credentials.

Along with your name, your digital badge includes information about the credential’s topic area, the skills required to achieve the credential, and the date the credential was issued. An SAP Certification badge also describes your role.

Unlike PDF e-certificates, your digital badge can easily be shared through social networks. The badge also provides real-time verification that your certification is valid, and contains a description of the certification. Stakeholders can be confident that a badge represents a legitimate, authenticated achievement, as it links directly to the issuing organization.

No costs are associated with collecting and sharing badges.

When you pass a certification, you will receive an email notification from the Credly platform. Follow the instructions to claim your badge. Note: You must create an account on the Credly platform to receive email notifications and claim your badges (see below for instructions).

Once certified, it can take 1-2 business days to receive your SAP certification badge via email from Credly. In the near future, consultants will be able to receive an email from Credly immediately after passing their certification.

Credly is an open digital badge system that provides badge definitions and related graphics, as well as technology and procedures for assessing, awarding, and delivering badges.

To create and access an Credly account, consultants can use a personal email address as their User ID. However, for the primary email address on the Credly account, it is recommended you use the email address used for SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub.

Credly can store multiple email addresses. Once certified with SAP, you can add an SAP email address to your Credly account, and select as your primary or secondary User ID in your preferences.

You can merge an account created using a personal email address with one created using an official SAP email address to view all your certifications. Certifications obtained using a personal email address can also be merged with those obtained using an SAP email address, and vice versa.

To verify a badge, interested parties can simply click on your badge to review the badge’s details, including when the badge was issued, which provides them with real-time verification that your certification or learning accomplishment is authentic.

As a default, all digital badges in your profile are set to“private”.Each user can make them visible to others by marking them “public” in the “Account & Settings” section.

Yes, you can promote your certifications via social networks such as LinkedIn. In the future, SAP may create additional registries and will notify badge holders as they become available.

Your initial badge will remain valid as long as you complete quarterly assessments, and will be updated to reflect a new calendar year. However, if you stop completing quarterly assessments, your badge will display an expiry date.

No, SAP only began issuing badges in January 2017 for selected solutions, including:

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Ariba
  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP SuccessFactors

Starting in May 2019, we will be issuing badges for all valid SAP certifications.

You can download a printable copy of your achievement within your Credly profile by clicking on the digital badge and selecting “Share”. Click on the Print icon and select “Download PDF”.

However, if your certification was issued prior to 2017, you will not receive a digital badge and cannot print a PDF.

You can contact your local SAP Training and Adoption team to request a replacement. On this page, you can find the local contact details in your country (lower left-hand corner).

Badge details will still be visible, but will display the expiry date.

1. Check your profile on SAP Learning Hub to confirm that:

  • Your certification is valid
  • Your email address is correct

2. To make corrections to your profile, create a support ticket within the Learner Profile.

Please reach out to the Credly Help Center.

You must ensure the email address you use to log in to SAP is the same one you use to log in to your Credly user account. Otherwise, you will only see your acquired certification in your learner profile.

Yes, the digital badges can be added to your profile on social media or Jam:

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