I already have an SAP Learning Hub subscription, do I have to book another one?

No, if the subscription is still valid during the full duration of the SAP Blended Learning Academy, you can simply use your active subscription.

Can I use my already existing SAP Learning Hub subscription during the SAP Blended Learning Academy?

Yes, you can use your actual SAP Learning Hub subscription for the start and then renew your subscription when it ends if needed.

What options do I have to register for SAP Learning Hub?

If you want to learn within a single solution area, the SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions are the best options. These options include a 60h SAP Learning System Access contingent as well a 2 exam attempts subscription.

If you want to learn in a broader scope, SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition allows accessing all course materials of SAP Training. In this case, SAP Learning System Access and Certification in the cloud subscriptions have to be booked separately.


Which SAP Learning Hub Solution Edition do I have to select?

  • For SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting (FI), Management Accounting (CO), and SAP S/4HANA Integration: HUB078
  • For SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing (PP): HUB076
  • For SAP S/4HANA Procurement (MM): HUB073
  • For SAP S/4HANA Sales (SD): HUB075
  • For SAP BW4/HANA and SAP HANA Modeling: HUB074


Could I perform the exercises on my company’s sandbox system?

No, SAP Learning System Access registration is necessary, and sold separately.


What happens if my 60h of SAP Learning System Access contingent is not enough to work through all the exercises?

Additional 60h contingents can be booked any time on-demand with course code HUB360

How many SAP Learning System Access hours will I need to complete all my exercises?

This can be different from learner to learner. Former SAP Blended Learning Academy students reported the following experiences:

  • SAP S/4HANA Consultant Academies: 120h
  • SAP Analytics Academy: 60h 
  • SAP Integration Academy: 60h 


I still have 4 certification attempts available from my former CER006 subscription – can I use them?

Yes, you can use them.


How can I get in contact with instructors and/or other learners during the self-study phases?

Instructors and learner can be reached via the dedicated SAP Blended Learning Academy Learning Room


How fast can I expect an answer from the instructor in the Learning Room?

A first reaction can be expected within 24 hours.


What prerequisites do I have to fulfill to join the review sessions?

Self-study of the dedicated content and exercises is necessary to benefit the most from the review sessions with the instructors.

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