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You can find more information on the SAP Learning Hub Resell Training and Support Center. Please ensure you are logged in to PartnerEdge to access.

You can also send an email to for support.

Please send an email to for support.

Please send an email to for support.

Once you log into the training shop as an SAP Training and Adoption reseller partner you will be presented with a welcome popup. This will include useful links. If you are just looking to browse the catalog, you can close the popup and continue using the shop as a partner.

When redeeming and activation code as a reseller partner you will get a notification during the redemption process when there are 5 or fewer licenses left on your activation code.

When you want to browse the full catalog, or purchase training for yourself. You can click on the hamburger menu option and click on the 'downgrading' option. 

This will change your logged-in profile into the customer role for the duration of your browser session. 

When performing a transaction, it will not be generated against your partner ID but a new customer ID will be generated as part of the booking process. 

When performing a booking as a reseller partner, you can upload a PDF document during the checkout process. 

This needs to be in the .pdf format and no larger than 5MB

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