How to fix issue connecting to SAP Live Access training system?

To use SAP Live Access, you must first fulfil minimal system requirements as listed at  

If you are still experiencing issues, try the following steps:

  1. Before trying to access again, clear the browser cache. Clearing the browser cache will also clear any links to the error messages and cached content. 
  2. If you have multiple windows open or have clicked on access system multiple times, please close those windows, restart web browser and use only one window. You could also try to restart the computer. 
  3. If connecting via one web browser does not work, please try via other. Either Firefox or Chrome if using Microsoft Windows or Safari if using macOS.
  4. If you are connected to any VPN network please disconnect it, restart the system and then try connecting to training system again. 
  5. Please ensure that you do not have any firewalls running on your computer. You can try to temporarily disable them while trying to connect to the training system. 
  6. To exclude your computer being the issue, try accessing training system on a different computer. A personal computer would be ideal as it will not have security restrictions of work computer. 
  7. To exclude the office or work network being the issue, try connecting from a different network. Sometimes office networks do not allow connections and may need special setting from your IT teams.


Hopefully these general guidelines will help you to complete connection test, that is available at 

If you are not able to see Windows login screen, please contact your local IT department for further assistance. In case you can see Windows login screen, connection test is successfully completed and you can try accessing your training system.

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