How do I conduct performance test?

Before connecting to your training system within SAP Live Access, test your hosting location’s network connection by following these steps:

1. Open and select the Performance check link at the top of the screen.

2. Start the performance test with these steps:

  • For SAP SuccessFactors solutions training systems, select the SaaS Cloud drop-down list and the DC8 option.
  • For testing connectivity to standard training systems for SAP software, select the EMEA region by selecting the appropriate continent. Its color will turn yellow once selected.

3. Verify that your connection is suitable for the training systems at your hosting location. Select Start Test to obtain latency, download speed, and bandwidth measurement results to and from the SAP data center where the training systems are hosted.

4. Review the results of the test by using the following color keys that indicate network performance:

  • Green: Good connectivity
  • Yellow: Sufficient connectivity
  • Red: Insufficient connectivity, meaning the network is unsuitable

5. Select Help to obtain a detailed description of the tool and get more information on the continuous latency test or the easy check.

6. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, send your test results by selecting Send Results.

7. Perform an additional connectivity test by selecting the SAP Live Access Connectivity Test link. Wait for the logon screen of a training system to open in a new browser window. If the logon screen opens up, the test is successful and you may exit the screen by selecting Cancel (you do not need to provide any credentials here). Alternatively, to start the connectivity test, open


Note: If you encounter issues related to the network connection (performance), first contact the IT administration team of your hosting location for problem analysis, testing, and resolution.

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