What do I get from an SAP Single E-Learning purchase?

SAP E-Learning (single course access) is an ever-growing catalog of e-learning offerings - highly interactive, Web-based courses that enable you to take and deliver the timely, focused training your organization demands.

  • E-learning students decided when and where they will access their training and can repeat learning units as many times and as often as needed. 
  • Each E-Learning course is available for six months. 
  • E-learning courses include highly effective instructional elements and simulations based on real-world business scenarios. 

By completing these courses, users gain a solid understanding of how to navigate SAP solutions and how SAP solutions can support their role-specific business processes and individual objectives - as well as your overall corporate strategy.

How can I get a completion certificate for an e-Learning course?

Select My Account

Select My Training

Select the eLearning offering from the training results list.

Click the “Set Complete” button.   A popup will appear to confirm the set complete action click to confirm.

The “Certificate” button will be available to download a certificate of completion.

NOTE: You will not be able to download a certificate of completion for expired offerings.

The completion status is not 100% although I finished the e-Learning course. What can I do?

You can manually set the course to complete. Follow the steps from the previous question.

I have difficulty opening the e-Learning course using my MAC computer. What should I do?

Our SAP e-learning courses are not fully compatible with Apple iOS. 

Please try accessing the course using a PC and either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Can I consume standard SAP e-Learning offerings from a mobile or tablet device?


Why am I asked to do the pre-assessment before I consume the e-Learning course?

The idea of the pre-assessment is to give the student an understanding of their knowledge gaps.  

After you have completed the pre-assessment you can access the course content by going to the content player window and clicking on the “Continue” button.  You can also use the “Table of Contents” button to jump to the next lesson.

After completing the course the last lesson of the course is the post-assessment which contains the same questions as the pre-assessment.  This will give the learner the idea of which areas they can improve and which areas they have sufficient knowledge. 

Can I skip the pre-assessment and access the e-Learning course content directly?

Yes, you can. On the main content player, there is a “Table of Contents” button. Click on the button the chapters of the course will then be listed for you. You could choose the chapter you want to access from there.

How do I reset the learning progress for an e-Learning course?

Learning Hub platform

  1. Remove course from the learning plan
  2. Re-assign the course

Training Shop platform

  1. Clear your internet browser cache
  2. Re-login to the course.  When you click on the Start Course button re-set your learning progress by first clicking on “Settings”.  Then click on “Reset Learning Progress”
  3. After the training progress is reset please reopen the course and use the “Table of contents” button to launch the other lessons.

NOTE: Taking these actions will not only re-set your learning progress they will also clear any links to the error messages and cached content.

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