Why do I not see the Credit Card payment option?

The Credit Card payment type is not available in some countries. If you do not see the credit card payment option please use the other payment options (invoice activation code preferred card).

When will my credit card payment be processed?

Classroom and SAP Live Class Training

Credit Card payment may be processed closer to the class commencement date rather than immediately upon receiving the credit card detail. 

Do note that the course status email received is binding and all country-specific terms and conditions apply.

E-Learnings, SAP Learning subscriptions

For products offering immediate learning access, you will be charged immediately.

Please refer to the country's Terms and Conditions for specific details.

Why will the SAP Training and Certification Shop not accept my credit card even though I know the credit card is still valid?

Please ensure the entered credit card information (Card Type Cardholder Name, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code) is exactly as displayed on the physical credit card.  If further assistance is required please contact the respective Education Center.

For security reasons, please do not enter any credit card details in the "Notes" section or in an email.

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