User Types

Sometimes, users can have different login credentials or ID numbers for different purposes. Here is an overview of the most frequently used terms:




PT number

A number is created for course purchasing or learning purposes.

The number only to be used to create a booking, can NOT be used to log in.
PT number turns to S-User after Info user role is assigned. After changed to S-User ID, can be used both for booking creation & login to SAP portals.
On SAP Training Shop, the PT number must associate with a WebUID/login account, then the purchased subscription can be accessed.

S-user ID

S-user ID represents the authorizations of a person which is created under a specific customer number and is owned by that particular customer number.
S-user ID can be created by companies that purchased SAP solutions (some SAP Online store products are not included).

Create booking
Log in SAP portals

P-user ID

A public account (self-registered user) is assigned to any user when a public profile is created and is not linked to any specific customer number.

Log in SAP portals


Logon account is used to log in to SAP Training Shop, LH Home page, Learning Access system & SAP Certification Hub
Both S-user & P-user ID can be the WebUID

Log in SAP portals

SAP Universal ID

SAP Universal ID provides you easier access to our SAP systems. With SAP Universal ID, you will get one single SAP account for life. It gives you the ability to choose between your S/P-user IDs, enabling you to switch between them easily. You will log in once with your SAP Universal ID and use it for all your IDs wherever you work.

Log in SAP portals 

How to retrieve my PT number from the SAP Training confirmation email?

Follow the step-by-step guide here.

How do I assign my PT number to my WebUID profile?

Follow the step-by-step guide here.

How do I create my SAP Universal ID?

Follow the instructions here to create your free SAP Universal ID in three steps. It only takes two minutes.

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