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Solution Manager offers a set of tools and functions which help manage key aspects of your SAP solution: deployment, operation and continuous improvement. It supports the connection between business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure, both SAP and non-SAP systems.

The use of Solution Manager during the implementation phases of a project is covered in course SMI310 Implementation Projects with Solution Manager, and the e-learning courses SM510, SM520, SM530, SM540 and SM550. These aspects of solution manager will be important for all project team members, both application and technical.

Solution Manager is a key element of an effective programme of operations and support, including End to End Solution Management . Setting up Solution Manager for support purposes is included in the SM courses, SM100, SM200 and SM300. E2E solution management itself features in a range of courses coded E2E. These aspects of solution management are often of greater interest to more technical team members and dedicated support personnel. Please check the pre-requisites for each course to understand the requirements. Certification is available for many aspects of E2E solution management.