Course announcements

  • This course is intended for professionals requiring delta knowledge in administration of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite. The class covers new and changed topics in different administrative areas like architecture, SAP Fiori strategy and technical implementation, different tools like ABAP Task Manager, the new Client tools and up-to-date Installation and Maintenance tools are discussed. The certification boking is included in the course fee.

Course information

  • SAP System Kernel
    • Architectural Changes
  • Navigation
    • SAP Business Client
  • SAP System Kernel
    • Architectural Changes
  • SAP Portfolio Overview
    • Overview
  • SAP Fiori Foundation
    • Describing SAP Fiori
    • Explaining Application Types
    • Examining SAP S/4HANA
    • Creating SAP Fiori Groups
    • Managing SAP Fiori Catalogs
    • Creating SAP Fiori Catalogs
  • Tools for System Configuration
    • Working with ABAP Task Manager
  • Technology Components for HTTP-based Communication
    • Maintaining UI-related Software Components
  • SAP Fiori System Landscape Preparation
    • Understanding Implementation Planning
    • Activating Enterprise Search
    • Activating SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
    • Configuring Communication Channels
  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure
    • Understanding Rapid Activation
    • Configuring SAP Gateway and SAP Fiori
    • Preparing SAP Fiori Apps
    • Configuring User Assistance
  • SAP Fiori App Implementation
    • Activating SAP Fiori Apps for SAP Business Roles
    • Configuring Transactional Apps
    • Configuring Analytical Apps
    • Configuring Fact Sheet Apps
    • Configuring Classic Applications
  • Client Tools
    • Client Copy and Client Transport Tools
    • Client Compare and Client Maintenance Tools
  • Enhancements to the Change and Transport System
    • Enhanced CTS - The Basic Idea
    • Configuration of the Change and Transport System for the enhanced CTS
    • Outlook: Integration of ABAP Development Into CI / CD (DevOps) Processes with the Help of gCTS
  • Installations and Upgrades/Updates
    • Using SWPM in the context of HANA-based Systems
    • Special options of sapinst when using a Stack-XML file
    • Solution Manager: individual Installations of AS ABAP and AS Java
    • ERS: Enqueue Replication Server
    • SUM: preparational tasks
    • Maintenance Panner: which software can be downloaded
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Get Delta knowledge for preparation on certification C_TADM_21
    • Get Delta knowledge for administrative work with the mentioned SAP Solutions and Releases
  • System Administrator System Architect Technology Consultant


  • None


  • SAP S/4HANA 1909 ABAP Platform 1909 AS ABAP 7.54 AS Java 7.40 SAP Solution Manager 7.2
  • Special hints for this course:
    • The course material is available in English only
    • For the certification exam C_TADM, you additionally need the knowledge of courses TADM10, TADM12 and TADM55. In this WDTADM we provide only Delta from classes TADM10 and TADM12.
    • To ensure that you are prepared to successfully complete the certification examination, we recommend that you consolidate the content in your own time before taking the exam.
    • Certification booking (CER002) is included in the course fee
  • This course does not include:
    • Database Delta for preparation of certification C_TADM_21 (see TADM55 or HATD20)
    • Complete Units of TADM10 and TADM12 Academy courses

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