• Introduction into SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation and its use-cases
  • Presentation of intelligent applications based on SAP Leonardo ML Foundation, like SAP Cash Application and SAP Service Ticket Intelligence
  • Deep-dive: developer scenario: ready-to-use functional services and (re-)trainable services
  • Deep-dive: data scientist scenario: bring-your-own TensorFlow model
  • Practical exercises on your own laptop (see notes)


  • Manager
  • Enterprise architect
  • Developer / Development consultant
  • Data scientist
  • Technology consultant



  • * Required Knowledge:
  • No


  • Basic knowledge in any programming language
  • Basic knowledge in machine learning, like you get in the openSAP course Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell

Course based on software release

  • SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation 1808


  • Basics of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning architecture
  • Applications of SAP Leonardo ML like Cash Application und Service Ticket Intelligence
  • SAP Leonardo ML Foundation architecture
  • ML Foundation use-case 1: ready-to-use functional services. Test and use deep learning models in your own applications
  • ML Foundation use-case 2: (re-)trainable services. Customizing of deep learning models by (re-)training with customer-specific data (customizable image classification and customizable text classification)
  • ML Foundation use-case 3: bring your own TensorFlow model. Deployment and testing of a TensorFlow deep learning model on ML Foundation
  • Outlook on future extensions of ML Foundation


  • Please bring your own laptop (Windows or MacOS) to the workshop where you have installation rights. You will install a small tool during the workshop to access machine learning services on SAP cloud platform.

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