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  • The 2-day Innovation Bootcamp is a hands-on workshop structured to help individual participants quickly improve their innovative thinking while immersing themselves in activities that will help them practice new innovation skills based on real life opportunities. We empower you to effectively use Design Thinking, augmented with Business Modeling, to strengthen your capacity for innovation, collaboration and problem solving.
  • By 2020, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today's workforce would have changed. Skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are more in-demand than ever before. With new technologies, new business models and new ways of working, we have to develop new skills to be able to thrive in this era of change. Fostering an innovation mindset is key for both individuals and organizations to stay competitive.


  • Using real like design challenges, this program will uncover your potential to.
  • Generate innovative ideas, determine which of those ideas are imapctful, and what it takes to change them into game-changing innovations.
  • Experience hands-on exercises and team collaboration designed to effectively apply what you've learned.
  • Be equipped with a large toolbox for innovation to accelerate change.
  • Learn how to get from challenge to idea to execution to make innovation a reality.


  • Innovation is for everyone: Whether you are a working professional or entrepreneur, become a champion of innovation in your respective organizations and networks. Building and fostering in-demand skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity is a key differentiator for working professionals of all fields and seniority levels.
  • If you’re a CxO, empower your teams, increase employee engagement and accelerate innovation mindsets and processes by sending your employees to the Winnovate innovation bootcamp.



  • none


  • open to experience and actively learn innovation methodologies in a collaborative environment


  • Day 1 (From Inspiration to Ideation)
    • Introduction to Design Thinking & innovation case studies & the workshop's Design Thinking challenge
  • Module 1 (Empathy):
    • Learn empathy tools & skills to understand and identify the needs and pain-points of your users/customers.
    • Interact with real users to gain valuable information that will impact and shape your design process.
  • Module 2 (Define):
    • Define and prioritize key customer jobs to be done and develop your own prsonas, find key insights and apply tools to craft a powerful well- framed point of view.
  • Module 3 (Ideate):
    • Ideate around the Design Thinking challenge and co-create multiple ideas that will lead to an innovative solution as you apply powerful tools to determine the most impactful solutions.
  • Day 2 (Implement & Iterate)
  • Module 5(Prototype):
    • Use prototyping methods and apply them to demonstrate your ideas and build low fidelity prototypes of your solution.
    • Validate and iterate the various prototypes and revise them before the final pitch.
  • Module 6 (Business Model Innovation):
    • Apply key innovation and iteration techniques to make and test assumptions and apply powerful tools to test the viability of your business model.
  • Pitching:
    • Experience hands-on activities and team collaboration techniques designed to effectively apply and synthesize what you've learned. Prepare and pitch your final solution and/or product.


  • Winnovate, powered by SAP, is an innovation training and workshop facilitator that empowers individuals and organizations to collaborate and transform real-life challenges into opportunities through disruptive innovation methodologies. Using a unique blend of tools such as Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation, you will experience practical scenarios to tone your skills and build your "Confidence to Innovate".
  • Workshop materials as well as food & beverages will be provided for the duration of the workshop, excluding travel & accommodation expenses.
  • Register now as seats are limited- unlike your thinking. Reach out to us for more details and our full service catalogue here.

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