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  • You will be able to configure and use Forwarding Orders as transportation requirements to start the business process in SAP TM. Furthermore, you will be able to build Freight Units to be able to perform transportation planning.
  • After creating forwarding orders, this course will give you an insight into transportation planning from the perspective of a logistics service provider including export/import handling, intermodal and international transportation and default routing.
  • With this course you will be able to extend charge calculation and settlement for using it on the forwarding side. This course explains how to set up forwarding settlement including the use of service product catalogs and also discusses several ways of forwarding specific charge calculation and settlement configuration.

Course information

  • Freight Forwarding Process
    • Describing Forwarding Orders
  • Forwarding Orders
    • Using the Forwarding Order Document
    • Creating a Forwarding Order
    • Defining a Forwarding Order with a Location and Business Partner
    • Routing a Forwarding Order
    • Calculating Charges
    • Creating a Forwarding Quotation
  • Forwarding Order Templates
    • Creating a Forwarding Order from a Template
  • Advanced Transportation Network
    • Defining Carrier Schedules
    • Creating Sailing Schedules
    • Combining Schedules in the Transportation Network
    • Analyzing the Results of the Path Finder
  • International Shipments
    • Modeling Ocean Shipping
    • Creating Modes and Means of Transport to Support Ocean Shipments
    • Booking Ocean Capacity to Execute Planning for International Shipments
    • Creating Freight Bookings
    • Executing Planning for International Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipments
    • Planning Container Provision
    • Analyzing an LCL Air Transportation Process
  • Advanced Capacity Planning
    • Planning Freight Documents Using Schedules
  • Freight Booking Management
    • Creating Freight Bookings for Consolidation
    • Generating Freight Orders for Pick up and Delivery
  • Service Order Management
    • Managing Service Orders
    • Creating Instruction Sets
  • Export and Import Handling
    • Defining Export and Import Organizational Collaboration
  • Forwarding Agreement Management
    • Identifying Forwarding Agreement Items
    • Creating a Service Product Catalog
    • Creating a Forwarding Settlement Document
  • Customer Settlement
    • Applying Cost Pull
    • Applying Flexible Invoicing Methodology
    • Creating a Collective Forwarding Settlement Document
    • Invoicing Carriers
  • Internal Settlement
    • Settling Intercompany Transportation Costs
    • Settling Intracompany Transportation Costs
    • Configuring Intracompany Settlement Settings
  • Strategic Freight Selling
    • Strategic Freight Selling Processing Steps
    • Receiving a Request for Quotation (RFQ)
    • Generating Responses
    • Negotiating Rounds
    • Generating Agreements for Strategic Freight Selling
    • Assigning Users at the Forwarding Agreement Quotation (FWAQ) Item Level
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand the usage of Forwarding Orders and Forwarding Quotations
    • Set Up Forwarding Order types to use them in the business process
    • Create and use Forwarding Quotations and templates
    • Build Freight Units from Forwarding Orders to start transportation planning
    • Plan international transports
    • Use ocean and air schedules
    • Facilitate export and import processing within a global logistics
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • User


  • General knowledge of transportation and logistics process
  • S4TM1 – Business processes in embedded Transportation Management in SAP S/4HANA


  • S4TM2 – Planning and Execution in SAP S/4HANA TM
  • S4TM3 – Charges and Settlement in SAP S/4HANA TM
  • SAP Transportation Management 9.6
  • This course is relevant for SAP Transportation Management and embedded Transportation Management in SAP S/4HANA implementations.

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