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  • You will be able to create the necessary master data and configuration in SAP Transportation Management to perform charge calculation. Furthermore, the course explains how to set up SAP Transportation Management as well as SAP ERP to facilitate freight settlement processes.
  • With this course you will be able to extend your charge calculation setup to make it more dynamic. This course explains advanced charge calculation methods such as event based charges or using conditions to determine rates. It will also explain how to distribute costs to the originating cost objects. Furthermore, this course explains the Strategic Freight Procurement process and the necessary configuration steps to implement it in SAP TM

Course information

  • Charge Calculation Master Data
    • Managing Transportation Charges
    • Maintaining Scales
    • Maintaining Charge Types
    • Maintaining Rate Tables
    • Maintaining Calculation Sheets
    • Maintaining Agreements
  • Charge Calculation
    • Calculating Charges in Freight Orders
    • Calculating Specialized Charges
  • Freight Settlement and Carrier Invoice Processing
    • Settling Freight Charges in SAP Transportation Management
    • Settling Freight Charges in SAP ERP
    • Paying Carrier Invoices
    • Submitting Invoices with the Carrier Collaboration Portal
    • Configuring Freight Settlement in SAP TM
    • Configuring Freight Settlement in SAP ERP
  • Freight Charge Corrections
    • Correcting Freight Charges
    • Managing Disputes Using the Carrier Collaboration Portal for Self- Billing
  • Dynamic Charge Calculation
    • Maintaining Preconditions
    • Determining Agreements
  • Event-Based Charges
    • Using Event-Based Charges
  • Transportation Cost Distribution
    • Distributing Freight Costs
    • Configuring Cost Distribution
    • Distributing Transportation Costs
  • Strategic Freight Procurement
    • Describing Strategic Freight Procurement Processing Steps
    • Preparing a Request for Quotation (RFQ)
    • Submitting an RFQ
    • Evaluating Responses
    • Generating Agreements for Strategic Freight Procurement
    • Assigning Users at Freight Agreement (FA) RFQ Item Level
    • Using Target Rates in Strategic Freight Procurement
    • Calculating Bonus-Malus in Strategic Freight Procurement
  • Embedded Logistics Service Provider (LSP)
    • Describing the Embedded LSP Business Scenarios
    • Configuring the Embedded LSP Scenario in SAP ERP
    • Configuring the Embedded LSP Scenario in SAP TM
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Set up all necessary master data for charge calculation
    • Perform and check charge calculation
    • Configure SAP TM and SAP ERP for freight settlement processes
    • Correct freight charges after they were already settled in collaboration with your carriers
    • Enhance the charge calculation setup to make it more dynamic
    • Distribute calculated costs to their respective originating transportation requirements
    • Understand and configure the Strategic Freight Procurement process
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • User



  • SAP TM 9.6; SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 8

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