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  • This course explains how to set up and use the optimizers within SAP Transportation Management. You will be able to configure the optimizer for automated planning, scheduling, transportation proposals and load optimization. Furthermore, you will be able to use the transportation unit as an additional planning object. This course builds on the basics of transportation planning introduced in course TM110.
  • This course will also explain the subcontracting functionalities of carrier selection, including the consideration of transportation allocations and business shares, and tendering including the collaboration with carriers through the Carrier Collaboration Portal.
  • You will be able to facilitate transportation execution using SAP Transportation Management including the integration with SAP Extended Warehouse Management and SAP Event Management. This course also explains how to deal with discrepancies and how to create outputs using output management.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand planning processes in SAP TM from a shipper's perspective
    • Create configuration for planning distribution scenarios
    • Execute load planning
    • Configure Tendering and Carrier Selection Processes
    • Set up transportation execution tracking using SAP Event Management in collaboration with SAP TM
    • Integrate SAP TM with SAP Extended Warehouse Management for transportation execution
    • Handle discrepancies


  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • User



  • TM100 - Processes in SAP Transportation Management
  • TM110 Order Management and Planning Basics in SAP TM


  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP TM 9.6; SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 8


  • Optimizer Planning
    • Describing Optimizer Planning
    • Applying Optimizer Planning Settings
    • Identifying Modal Decision Planning Scenarios
    • Applying Short-Cut Planning
    • Creating Pooled Shipments
  • Optimizer Applications
    • Creating a Transportation Proposal
    • Describing Load Optimization Processes
  • Advanced Transportation Network
    • Creating Schedules
    • Analyzing the Results of the Path Finder
  • Transportation Unit Planning
    • Creating Passive Vehicle Resources
    • Planning Transportation Units with Passive Vehicle Resources
    • Planning Transportation Units with the Optimizer
    • Planning Transportation with Container Units
  • Carrier Selection
    • Explaining the Carrier Selection Process
    • Selecting Carriers Based on Costs and Priorities
    • Using Allocations
    • Using Business Shares
    • Improving Carrier Utilization
  • Freight Tendering
    • Explaining the Tendering Process
    • Configuring the Tendering Plan
    • Identifying the Tendering Collaboration Scenarios
  • Freight Orders in Transportation Management
    • Creating Freight Orders
  • Freight Order Setup
    • Configuring Freight Order Types
    • Configuring Freight Order Type Determination
    • Determining Business Partners
  • Freight Order Integration
    • Integrating Freight Orders with Shipments
    • Creating Shipments from Freight Orders
    • Creating Freight Orders from Shipments
    • Communicating Freight Orders to Other Companies
  • Transportation Event Monitoring
    • Monitoring Transportation Events
    • Configuring SAP Event Management (SAP TM) for Transportation Visibility
    • Handling Events in the Collaboration Portal
  • Transportation Execution
    • Configuring Freight Order Output
    • Managing Freight Order Discrepancies
  • Integration with SAP Extended Warehouse Management
    • Integrating SAP EWM based on Shipments
    • Integrating SAP EWM Based on Deliveries
    • Integrating SAP EWM for Transit Warehousing

This course is also available as a test system within SAP Live Access

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