Course announcements

  • Training content for the SAP SuccessFactors Academy courses is provided via the SAP Learning Hub.
  • This course covers configuration topics and tools that may not be accessible by the customer. Though the course is designed for consultants, customers are welcome to take the course if a deeper understanding of system configuration is desired. Customers should reference the customer-specific instructor-led and self-service (SFALC) offerings and become accredited via the SFX Accreditation program.
  • Only registered SAP Partner consultants will be provided with provisioning rights once they have been certified. Independent consultants, even if certified, will not be provided with provisioning rights. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • This course will guide you through the usage of the reporting solution and the configurations necessary to enable the SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics reporting tools. The course provides an overview of Self Service Analytics Tools and Custom Reporting Solutions. It covers SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics: Report Center, Story Reports, Table Reports, Canvas Reports, and Tile-Based Dashboard Framework. The course also provides an overview of how to enable various SAP SuccessFactors Reporting and Analytics tools within Provisioning. This course is intended for functional consultants who are enabling and configuring SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics tools or supporting customers in report creation and management.

Course information

  • Analytics Reporting and Administration:
    • SAP SuccessFactors Report Center
    • SAP SuccessFactors Story Reports
    • SAP SuccessFactors Table Reports
    • SAP SuccessFactors Canvas Reports
    • Tile-Based Dashboard Framework
  • Analytics Configuration:
    • Table Reports
    • Canvas Reports
    • Pixel Perfect Talent Cards (PPTC)
  • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Analytics Reporting and Administration:
  • Use Report Center to:
    • Access all the reporting components from SAP SuccessFactors analytical tools
    • Create, run, and edit reports
    • Manage reports
    • Share reports with users
  • Use Story Reports to:
    • Describe and permission reports
    • Create queries
    • Configure pages with widgets
    • Manage and run Story reports
  • Use tile-based dashboard Framework to:
    • Access, build, and assign access to tiles
    • Construct and share tile-based dashboards
    • Use filters on the dashboard data
    • Run tiles and dashboards
  • Use Canvas Reports to:
    • Build and customize queries and reports using Detailed and Advanced Reporting
    • Create pivots using Pivot Query Designer
    • Create and format reports using Page Designer
    • Distribute and share Canvas Reports
    • Manage permissions for Canvas Reports
  • Use Table Reports to:
    • Create Table Reports
    • Manage and run Table Reports
    • Grant Table Reporting permissions
  • Analytics Configuration:
    • Configure Table Report Provisioning settings
    • Enable Table Reporting in Provisioning
    • Understand how permissions provisioning settings apply to Table Reports
    • Enable Canvas Reports for Ad Hoc Data with LMS integration
    • Enable Canvas Reports with Advanced Reporting
    • Enable Canvas Reports with LMS data
    • Enable PPTC in Provisioning
  • Consultants


  • THR80 or THR80e - SAP SuccessFactors Platform Introduction Academy


  • HRSF1 – SAP SuccessFactors Overview
  • ACT2CL – SAP Activate Methodology: Cloud Implementation
  • SFINTRO2 - Human Experience Management (HXM) - The Next Phase of HR
  • SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

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