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  • Introduction and theoretical background on Business Model Development & Innovation (BMDI).
  • Teamwork on a given challenge by iterating through the Business Model Development & Innovation (BMDI) Cycle. In each single phase of the cycle, you will apply the respective techniques.
    • Baseline: Analyze and describe the current business model.
    • Analyze & Improve: A part of the business model is systematically explored and analyzed. Gained insights are documented and used in a targeted way to improve the business model.
    • Challenge & Change: This is followed up by an analysis of internal and external threats / opportunities to identify challenges for the current business model. The "Design Challenge" resulting from this exercise is then used to find alternatives or potential enhancements to the business model. This is done via a targeted idea generating process. An enhancement will be used to improve the model and it will be documented. .
    • Test & Verify: You will now have an intended modification / enhancement of the business model. The underlying assumptions are now analyzed and you will develop a test design for a chosen hypothesis to check with little effort on your hypothesis.
    • Evaluate & Decide: From the now existing modified business model a business case is derived. The business case is used to gain clarity if the enhancement / modification of the business model makes sense from an economical point of view.
  • You will learn the Business Model Development & Innovation (BMDI) approach as a systematic, iterative and creative method to further develop your existing or a new business models. The objective is to ensure the design and the business viability of existing or new products or services.
  • This will be done by using a case study end to end. You will develop and test the business model of the „case study company" in four different iterations and you will be supported by BMDI and Design Thinking Coaches of SAP in doing so.
  • People from companies that deal with topics like marketing, development and innovation, product or services development.
  • Employees, Intra- and entrepreneurs that want to apply the Business Model Development & Innovation Approach within their own company.


  • none


  • THINK1
  • Knowledge on Business Model Canvas, e.g.
  • independent from software releases

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