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  • This course provides an overview of SAP Test Data Migration Server (SAP TDMS) Release 4.0. SAP TDMS enables the creation of small, easy-to- maintain non-production systems thereby minimizing infrastructure and maintenance expenses. SAP TDMS uses relevant extracts of business data to maximize the effectiveness and accuracy of your development, test and training activities.
  • The course contains detailed information about the following topics:
    • SAP TDMS product and how it can be used to overcome system refresh challenges faced by the SAP users.
    • How to work with the product, the product architecture and the main features of the product including Shell creation and new Fiori Application.
    • Best practices to run SAP TDMS.
    • How to anonymize sensitive data in your non production environment to comply with data privacy and protection laws in your country.
    • How to create lean and consistent HCM test systems and protect sensitive personnel data.
    • How to quickly copy a smaller quantity of consistent business process data using the TDMS Business Process library.


  • Understand the features and use cases for SAP TDMS
  • Understand the architecture and business processes of SAP TDMS
  • Create rules to anonymize sensitive data in your system
  • Anonymize test data before it reaches the test system or directly in the test system
  • Create the HCM test environment using multiple processes
  • Protect sensitive employee data in the test environment
  • Create custom business process objects using the Business Process Library
  • Transfer a small quantity of the master or process data to test systems quickly for testing business processes
  • Understand the best practices for a TDMS run


  • Consultants
  • Functional Business Users
  • SAP System Administrators



  • Basic knowledge of or experience in the ABAP workbench
  • Basic knowledge in system administration


  • System copy and client copy
  • SAP R/3 application know-how

Course based on software release

  • SAP Test Data Migration Server 4.0, Support Pack 9


  • System Refresh Challenges
  • An Overview of SAP TDMS 4.0
  • TDMS Architecture and Data Selection Techniques
  • Data Migration: Understanding the TDMS Migration Package Phases
  • TDMS Shell Creation
  • TDMS Data Scrambling
  • TDMS Business Process Library (TDMS BPL)
  • Best Practices for a TDMS Execution
  • TDMS Fiori Application: Manage TDMS Execution


  • Course material is available in English only

This course is also available as a test system within SAP Live Access

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