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  • In this course, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the ABAP language and understand how to program database updates and also reports with the SAP List Viewer (ALV).

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  • ABAP Language Foundation and Evolution
    • Moving from Statements to Expressions and Functions
    • Using Data Type and Data objects
    • Selecting Data from a Single Database Table with Open SQL
  • Statements, Functions, and Expressions for Simple Data
    • Using Numeric Data Types in Arithmetic Expressions
    • Explain Statements for Processing Character Strings and Byte Strings
    • Processing Character Strings and Byte Strings Using Functions and Expressions
  • Internal Tables
    • Using Standard, Sorted, and Hashed Tables
    • Using Special Techniques with Internal Tables
    • Using Table Functions and Expressions
    • Using Data References and Field Symbols
  • ABAP Open SQL
    • Using the Features of the New Open SQL Syntax
    • Explaining Additional Techniques for Reading from Multiple Database Tables
  • Analysis and Testing
    • Defining and Activating Checkpoints
    • Using the ABAP Trace
    • Using the SQL Trace
    • Using the SQL Monitor
  • Database Updates with ABAP Open SQL
    • Database Updates with ABAP Open SQL
  • Database Change Bundling
    • Grouping Database Changes
  • SAP Locking
    • Creating Lock Objects and Lock Modules
    • Setting and Releasing Locks
    • Working with the Different Lock Modes
  • Organization of Database Updates
    • Performing Database Changes from Within the Application Program
    • Performing Database Changes Using the Update Technique
    • Applying Further Features of the Update Technique
  • LUWs Across Multiple Programs
    • Extending LUWs Across Multiple Programs
  • SAP List Viewer (ALV) Creation
    • Using ALV functionality
    • Preparing the container screen for an ALV Grid Control
    • Displaying data using an ALV Grid
  • ALV Design
    • Programming layout variant functionality in the ALV Grid
    • Changing the layout of the ALV Grid
    • Adapting the appearance of the ALV Grid
    • Adapting the ALV Grid Control using the field catalog
  • ALV Events and Methods
    • Handling events of the ALV Grid Control
    • Handling additional events of the ALV Grid
    • Calling additional methods of the ALV Grid
    • Implementing context menus for the ALV Grid


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand ABAP language foundation and evolution
    • Describe statements, functions and expressions for simple data
    • Understand Open SQL
    • Understand Database Update techniques in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP environment
    • Develop ABAP programs using the SAP List Viewer (ALV)


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant



  • TAW10 (or relevant courses) or relevant working experience in ABAP


  • None

Course based on software release

  • ECC6.0 EHP8 SP00/NW 7.5 SP01


  • e-Learning available in Learning Hub