Course information


  • Unit 1: Enterprise Structures in Sales and Distribution
  • Unit 2: Overview of Sales Processes
  • Unit 3: Master Data in Sales and Distribution
  • Unit 4: Automatic Data Determination and Shipment Scheduling
  • Unit 5: Collective Processing in Sales and Distribution
  • Unit 6: Availability Check
  • Unit 7: Sales Documents - Basic Technical Background
  • Unit 8: Special Processes in Sales and Distribution
  • Unit 9: Complaints Processing
  • Unit 10: Lists and Analytics for Sales and Distribution Processes
  • Unit 11: Introduction to the SAP Role 'Internal Sales Representative'


  • Explain enterprise structures for sales and distribution processing in SAP ERP
  • Explain the sales and distribution process flow
  • Maintain master data in sales and distribution
  • Check the results of automatic data determination and delivery and transportation scheduling
  • Execute collective processing in sales and distribution
  • Perform an availability check
  • Use sales document types and item categories
  • Explain special processes in sales and distribution
  • Explain complaints processing
  • Use lists and reports and analyze data in sales and distribution processes
  • Explain the structure of the SAP role Internal Sales Representative


  • Customer Project Manager
  • Consultant All Roles
  • User All Roles


  • Course length: 26 hours