Course announcements

  • Please note that with the speed of updates to SAP Analytics Cloud, we endeavor to update this course quarterly. The course material will be delivered in English. This course is a deep-dive course. Please ensure you have taken the SACE11 and SACS21 course or have equivalent foundational knowledge of the overview topics covered in that course.

Course information

  • Develop stories using basic scripting options
    • Exploring Advanced Mode in SAP Analytics Cloud Stories
    • Working in the SAP Analytics Cloud Script Editor
    • Using the Optimized Story Experience API Reference to Enhance a Story
    • Enhancing Generic Navigation Widgets with Scripting
  • Develop stories using advanced scripting options
    • Using common JavaScript options
    • Using Global Script options
    • Debugging script in stories
  • Understand and analyze the relationship between story design and performance
    • Using general story design best practices and performance analysis
    • Understanding data loading behavior related to story performance
    • Analyzing script processing and performance
  • Exploring reusability and extensibility options
    • Using extensibility and reusability options without web development techniques like Composites
    • Using extensibility and reusability options with web development techniques like Widget Add-Ons and Custom Widgets
  • Implement use cases related to data analysis
    • Scripting related to result sets
    • Scripting related to Data Change Insights
    • Scripting related to R-Visualization using R programming
    • Scripting related to Bookmarks
    • Prompt handling in stories
  • Implement use cases related to the interoperability of stories
    • Connections between stories
    • Using OData calls in stories
    • Using PostMessage API in stories
  • Implement use cases related to story reporting
    • Using CSS in stories
    • Story design related to mobile devices
    • Using the Timer function in stories
    • Scripting related to PDF export of stories
    • Scripting related to scheduling of stories
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • This course provides all the knowledge you need to create advanced stories in SAP Analytics Cloud supported with hands-on exercises.
  • BW and SAP HANA consultants
  • SAP BusinessObjects Consultants
  • Power Users and managers inside business functions of the business
  • Business Analyst



  • SAP Analytics Cloud QRC - 2024.02
  • This SACS31 course is NOT a delta course for learners who have attended the former SACAD1 course. Modeling of data sources for SAP Analytics Cloud is not covered in this course. As source for this training course, we use SAP BW/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA.

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