Course announcements

  • Participants of this class will learn the key steps to set up real time and replicated scenarios using Embedded Consolidation on the 1709 S/4HANA landscape.
  • Participants will learn how to configure real time and replicated Consolidation from the ground up in an end to end scenario. You will create foundation objects such as BW Characteristics, Advanced DataStore Objects, CompositeProviders, Aggregation Levels, Queries as well as SAP HANA calculation views.
  • You will work with real time master and transaction data from ECC related tables. You will extend the ECC master data for BPC use. You will learn how to include fields such as cost center in your models and also how add custom fields for the RTC solution.
  • You will learn how to perform data validation and use the data release features.
  • You will learn consolidation Business Rule configuration and how to use the Consolidation BPC Web Client and Fiori apps to carry out all month end closing tasks. You will use the Analysis for Office Excel add- in as the primary reporting and analysis user interface as well as how to create queries with sign changes and year to date data.
  • Participants will learn about process control including work status, security, controls, and running Business Process Flows from Excel.
  • You will learn how the BW, HANA, Integrated Planning, ECC, Fiori and BPC features can be used together to provide a seamless deeply integrated solution.

Course information

  • Overview of BPC Embedded Consolidation
    • Positioning, Architecture, and Options
    • Describing key features, terms, and components
    • Comparing Standard vs Embedded Consolidation solutions
    • Using the Consolidation module
  • BPC Embedded Consolidation Foundation
    • Setting up Embedded Consolidation
    • Creating Environments and Designing Models
    • Presenting the Architecture of RTC and Replicated Consolidation
    • Descussing Business Warehouse Key Concepts
    • Maintaining Consolidation Master Data
    • Configuring InfoProviders for Consolidation
    • Reviewing Integrated Planning Functionality, Components, and User Interfaces
    • Using Period 000
    • Periodic Data Storage
    • Designing Data Acquisition Solutions
  • BPC Embedded Consolidation with Replicated Data
    • Setting up the Task Sequences for the Consolidation Monitor
    • Using the Ownership Manager
    • Translating Currency
    • Configuring InterCompany Matching
    • Configure US Matrix Elimination
    • Explain Options for Management Consolidation
    • Performing Balance Carry Forward
    • Adjusting Data with Reclassifications
    • Configuring Ownership Eliminations for Purchase and Equity Methods
    • Create and use BPC Journal templates
    • Using Planning Functions to run consolidation tasks
  • BPC Embedded Consolidation with Real Time Data
    • Setting up for RTC
    • Building the RTC Foundation: HANA Views and InfoProviders
    • Explaining how to use RTC(Real Time Consolidation) categories and versions
    • Configuring the RTC Environment and BPC Consolidation Model
    • Maintaining RTC Document Types and Posting Levels
    • Validating and Releasing RTC data
    • Configuring RTC Currency Translation in SAP S/4HANA and BPC
    • RTC Modeling Options for Custom and Other Fields
  • BPC Embedded Consolidation Process Control and Reporting
    • Creating Queries for Consolidation
    • Changing Signs and Reporting YTD Data
    • Reporting with SAP Analysis for Excel
    • Configure and Executing Controls
    • Positioning and launching Business Process Flows from Excel
    • Administering Work Status, and consolidation related Security objects
    • Administering Transports of consolidation related objects
  • Understand how to use and configure SAP Embedded Consolidation to support your financial consolidation process. High level and detailed understanding of RTC and ability to configure and implement.
  • Project Team Members
  • Advanced Business Analyst
  • Application Consultants
  • Business Process Architects
  • Business Process Owners / Team Leaders / Power Users
  • Program / Project Managers
  • Trainers
  • BPC Consultants /Designers
  • Financial Accounting


  • Practical knowledge of consolidation accounting


  • Experience with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA
  • SAP Business Warehouse 7.52 SP00 with BPC10.1
  • Analysis for Office 2.5
  • S/4HANA Edition 1709

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