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  • In this course you will learn to develop transactional SAP Fiori Applications that are based on ABAP Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) and Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF). You will learn how to use annotations in ABAP CDS to generate a BOPF Business Object and how to implement the behavior of this object, namely actions, validations, determination and authority checks. You will learn about the need for draft-enabled data processing in a stateless environment and understand the prerequisites and special aspects of draft-enabled BOPF objects. Finally, you will define compositions in BOPF and built an application based on a business object that consists of a header and several items.

Course information

  • The ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori
    • Defining a CDS-based OData Service
    • Implementing a List Report Application
  • The Business Object Processing Framework
    • Understanding BOPF
    • Creating and Testing a BOPF Object
    • Defining Actions and Messages
    • Accessing Application Data
    • Implementing Authority Checks
  • Applications with Update and Delete
    • Offering Input Fields and Value Help
    • Implementing Validations
    • Implementing Determinations
    • Implementing Dynamic Field and Action Control
  • Draft-enabled Applications
    • Understanding the Draft Concept
    • Developing a Draft-Enabled Application
  • Multi-Table Applications
    • Defining Compositions in BOPF
    • Working with Composite BOPF Business Objects
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Use Object Model Annotations in CDS to generate a BOPF Object
    • Define and Implement the Behavior of a BOPF Object (Actions, Validations, Determinations)
    • Define and Handle Draft-Enabled Applications
    • Define and Handle Parent-Child Compositions in BOPF
  • Developer
  • Development Consultant



  • SAP S/4HANA 1809
  • ABAP Platform 1809
  • AS ABAP 7.53

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