• Explain the available options in a SAP BW to enhance the data- extraction, processing and reporting with enhancements (Exits/BAdI’s) and ABAP code, using project relevant examples.


  • All BW consultants who want to to deepen their understanding of BW programming best-practices and how to enhance the data flow using ABAP.



  • ABAP
  • BW


  • Keines

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.5


  • The workshop handles the most important aspects of the BW data flow, from the source in an SAP ERP system to the data target and reports in the BW System. The focus being, how the data flow can be influenced with ABAP code.
  • ABAP Basics
    • ABAP and ABAP OO for BW
    • Performance aspects
    • Data selection and processing
  • Extraction
    • Extraction concept and enhancement
    • Generic extractors
    • ODP Extraction (introduction only)
  • Data Staging
    • InfoPackages
    • Data transfer process
    • Transformation (global-, start-, field-, end-, expert-routines)
    • AMDP and SQL Script (introduction only)
  • Reporting
    • Bex customer exit variable - concept and enhancement
    • F4 Help BAdI - concept and enhancement
  • Authorisations
    • Concept and enhancement
  • BPC Embedded
    • ABAP Planning functions
  • Virtual characteristics and key figures
    • Concept and enhancement


  • This course is similar to a workshop and the focus is not on extensive course documentation, but rather best-practices for consultants

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