Course announcements

  • This freshly updated course will provide you with the skills to take advantage of the significant improvements and new capabilities of SAP Predictive Analytics.

Course information

  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics
    • Welcome introduction and agenda
  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics
    • Describing Predictive Analytics
    • Describing SAP Predictive Analytics
    • Outlining Predictive Analytics Project Frameworks
    • Detailing SAP Analytics Use Case examples
  • Foundations of Automated Analytics (1)
    • Explaining SAP Predictive Analytics Data Types and Storage
    • Defining Automated Data Encoding Fundamentals
    • Describing Model Building in SAP Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive Factory
    • Describing Predictive Factory
    • Listing the SAP Predictive Factory Roles
    • Describing the SAP Predictive Factory Server Setup
    • Checking Data Descriptions
    • Building a Time Series Model in SAP Predictive Factory
    • Explaining Segmented Time Series Modeling
    • Describing Classification Models
    • Building a Classification Model in SAP Predictive Factory
    • Explaining Classification Model Output
    • Interpreting the Error Matrix
    • Applying a Classification Model
    • Creating and Scheduling Tasks
    • Explaining Regression Modeling in SAP Predictive Factory
    • Building a Regression Model
    • Describing Deviation Analysis
    • Importing Models from SAP Predictive Analytics into Predictive Factory
  • Data Manager
    • Explaining Data Preparation
    • Outlining Data Manipulation in SAP Predictive Anaytics
    • Outlining Data Manager
    • Using Data Manager and Toolkit
  • Classification Modeling with Modeler
    • Building a Classification Model with Modeler
    • Explaining the Confusion Matrix
    • Applying a Model
    • Performing Deviation Analysis in Modeler
    • Outlining Advanced Functionality
    • Advanced Data Description Functionality
  • Regression Modeling with Modeler
  • Training a Regression Model
  • Explaining Regression Model Output
  • Improving Regression Model Performance
  • Applying a Regression Model
  • Clustering with Automated Analytics
  • Explaining Clustering and Segmentation
  • Describing Supervised and Unsupervised Clustering
  • Explaining Cluster Range
  • Explaining Cluster Model Outputs
  • Applying the Cluster Model
  • Building a Cluster Model in SAP Predictive Analytics
  • Time Series with Modeler
  • Building aTime Series Model with Modeler
  • Social and Recommendation
    • Building a Social Network (link) Model using Telco CDR Data
    • Building a Product Recommendation Model using Link Analysis
  • Foundations of Automated Analytics (2)
    • Outlining Data Partition Strategies in SAP Predictive Analytics
    • Explaining the Foundations of Automated Modeling
    • Describing the Data Encoding Process
    • Advanced Model Curves
  • Final Exercise
    • SAP Creating a Retail Analysis
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand predictive analytics concepts and approaches, as well as how they are implemented within the context of the SAP Predictive Analytics tool.
    • Develop the ability to use Predictive Analytics within a Data Science project context.
    • Be able to use automated analytics capabilities to build, score and implement classification, regression and time-series models.
    • Use Data Manager to prepare and manipulate data to support modelling.
    • Understand and implement Predictive Factory to import, build and schedule models.
    • Build Social and Recommendation models
    • Introduction to Expert Analytics and the Predictive Analytics Library (PAL)
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Program / Project Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant


  • None


  • Basic statistical skills and a background in Business Analytics and Data Modelling
  • SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3

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