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  • With SAP Landscape Management (LaMa), you can simplify and automate the management and operations of your SAP systems running on traditional, virtual or cloud infrastructures. During this course you will learn how to install and configure and run the solution. The training will go into the depth of the functionalities (for example: Post Copy Automation, System Provisioning, Planning, etc.)

Course information

  • SAP Landscape Management
    • Explain SAP's Landscape Management
    • Explain the components of SAP Landscape Management
    • Explore the product
    • Find SAP Landscape Management information sources
  • Landscape Preparation
    • Explain the SAP Landscape Management Architecture
    • Explain the infrastructure integration
  • Configuration of SAP Landscape Management
    • Perform the landscape configuration
    • Explain the installation of SAP Landscape Management (LaMa)
  • Visualization and Operations
    • Visualize the current state of a complex SAP landscape at a glance
    • Explain how to perform operations on SAP systems and their infrastructure with SAP Landscape Management
    • Perform takeover and fallback for SAP HANA using SAP Landscape Management (LaMa)
    • Explain how Near Zero Downtime Maintenance scenarios work with SAP Landscape Management
  • Post-Copy Automation
    • Explain the ABAP Post-Copy Automation (PCA)
    • Know best practices how to use ABAP Post-Copy Automation (ABAP PCA) in customer landscapes
    • Use the ABAP task manager
    • Explain how BDLS gets improved with Post-Copy Automation
    • Implement and configure ABAP Post-Copy Automation (PCA) for SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver ABAP
  • System Provisioning in SAP Landscape Management
    • Explain how SAP system provisioning with SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) works in detail
    • Explain how to provision SAP systems with a configured SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) and how to work with templates
    • Explain Provisioning Roadmaps in detail
    • Explore additional system provisioning options
  • Automation Studio
    • Explain how to adapt SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) to individual infrastructure requirements
    • Explain provisioning blueprints
  • Rest API
    • Explore the REST API of SAP Landscape Management
  • Security with SAP Landscape Management
    • Explain authorizations in SAP Landscape Management
    • Use certificates and encrypted connections
    • Explain how SAP Landscape management is securely connected
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    • Explain what to consider when maintaining or troubleshooting SAP
  • Landscape Management (LaMa) landscapes
    • Troubleshoot common issues around ABAP Post-Copy Automation (ABAP PCA)
  • Appendix
    • Explain the Java Post-Copy Automation
    • Implement and configure JAVA Post-Copy Automation (PCA) for SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver JAVA
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Explain how SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) will simplify and automate your SAP Basis operation
    • Explain the SAP concept of abstracting the operational solution from the operating system
    • Perform a configuration of the landscape within LaMa
    • Perform operations on SAP systems within LaMa
    • Perform Takeover and Fallbacks for SAP HANA within LaMa
    • Explain Near Zero Downtime Maintenance
    • Explain and use the ABAP and Java Post-Copy Automation
    • Explain and use System Provisioning within LaMa
    • Use the Automation Studio within LaMa
    • Explain and perform troubleshooting common issues
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • System Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant



  • none
  • SAP Landscape Management 3.0 SP17
  • This course may not be run as VLC / Live Class!
  • Please check the Training System Booking Exception Document before you book a LM300 course!

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