Course announcements

  • Get up to speed in a day for implementing SAP IoT and Edge based solutions

Course information

  • Learning
    • Data Models in SAP IoT and Edge, mapping data models to Business Applications
    • Architecture of both Cloud and Edge IoT
    • SAP IoT Security Concepts in both the cloud and customer zone
    • Edge Services: Streaming, Persistence, Application Integration on the Edge, Policy Service
    • SAP IoT: Streaming, Persistence, Rules/Actions/Derivations, Thing and device APIs and onboarding, Monitoring and Operations
    • Building analytical and other applications on top
    • Use Case: Cold Chain tracking of perishable Goods
  • Exercises
    • Create Device and Thing Model in SAP IoT and Edge Services
    • Ingest Data from (simulated) Devices in a Virtual Machine
    • Store Data on the Edge with the Persistence Service
    • Derive Trip Segment on the Edge and persist it
    • Use the Custom Edge Service to analyze the locally stored sensor data and detect violations, which are then sent to the cloud.
    • Use Rules and Actions in SAP IoT to trigger business process changes
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Plan an IoT project in the Cloud or on the Edge
    • Understand how IoT can alter a business process
    • Describe the full stack of SAP IoT solutions and technologies
    • Understand the integration options between SAP applications, SAP IoT Cloud and Edge Services
    • Make decisions about where to use Cloud IoT and where to use Edge IoT
  • Developer
  • Development Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant/Partner
  • Technical/Project Manager


  • Basic Overview of SAP Applications and Cloud Solutions
  • General Technical Background (Software)


  • Basic understanding of IoT Use Cases
  • latest release (cloud)

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