Course announcements

  • IDS10 is a high-level course covering key topics relevant to defense, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, policing and security organizations.
  • IDS10 provides a holistic overview of the SAP Defense and Security industry solution through system demonstrations, concept discussions, and expert industry experience.
  • This course is suggested for those who seek help deepening their solution understanding but do not require a technical or hands-on approach.
  • This course is also recommended for students planning to continue their SAP for Defense education journey as a baseline for the following detailed training.

Course information

  • Overview
    • Explore global trends
    • Explain multi-industry entities and complexity
    • Explain the solution in an overview
    • Explain Asset Management for Defense
    • Explain the intelligent enterprise
    • Explain customer references
    • List the advantages of using SAP D&S
  • Defense Organizational Flexibility and Personnel Management
    • Define a Force Element
    • Describe Force Element Characteristics and Sensitivity
    • Describe the Force Element Data Model Design
    • Define Force Structures and Usage Types
    • Define A Position
    • Explain Positions and Personell Data Model
  • Defense Logistics
    • Describe the Flexible Material Planning Object (FMPO) structure, variants and hierarchy
    • Explain how SAP Solution for Defense Represents the Authorized Material chapter in the TOE
    • Explain the Authorized-Actual Comparison report in D&S
    • Explain the process requirements of stock and fulfillment based on AAC Results
    • Explain the concept of Condition Code
    • Explain the concept of loans
    • Explain the manual and automated Return Delivery
    • Explain the differences between loans and returns
    • Explain how SAP D&S uses Personal and Functional Equipment to manage materials issued to persons
    • Describe the definition and assignment of authorized materials for persons
    • Deduce the process to issue Functional Equipment and Personal Equipment
    • Explain the process to return functional and personal equipment
    • Explain the process of transferring Personal and Functional Equipment from one person to another
  • Defense Maintenance
    • Describe the different maintenance master data in general
    • Describe the D&S specific equipment enhancements (Master Equipment, Critical Equipment and Site Equipment)
    • Describe the maintenance attributes of Force Elements
    • Describe the installing and dismantling process
    • Describe the configuration check
    • Explain corrective and preventive maintenance processes
    • Describe the status board
    • Describe the support of flight operations
    • Setup Configuration Status
    • Explain the Flight scenario
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Provide a high-level overview of the SAP Defense and Security solution
    • Introduce the audience to the SAP D&S system in particular using SAP Fiori launchpad and applications.
  • C-Level Executives
  • High level Commanders (LCOL - 1 STAR, CWO)
  • Top users in defense organizations, including organizational and logistics planners
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Support Consultant
  • Solution Architect


  • N/A


  • SAP S/4HANA 2021
  • EA-DFPS 806

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