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  • In this comprehensive course you will gain a solid understanding of the SAP IBP Time Series Based constraint Supply Planning business processes using Optimizer, and their associated configuration. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises.

Course information

  • Overview of Time Series Supply Planning w/ Optimizer
    • Supply Planning Operators in IBP and Criteria for Choosing
    • Overview of Optimizer and constraints
    • Day in the life of Planners
    • Run optimizer and analyze results
  • Production
    • Generating a production plan
    • Understand parameters, costs and key figures related to production
    • Modeling Capacity and alternate production
    • Run Optimizer and analyze results
  • Demand and Fulfillment
    • Understand Demand and related levels within IBP
    • Modeling Demand Priority and Lateness
    • Understand parameters, costs and key figures related to Demand and fulfillment metrics
    • Run optimizer and analyze results
  • Inventory
    • Explain Target Inventory and Lot-Size policies
    • Understand parameters, costs and key figures related to Inventory Target
    • Explain projected stocks and optimizer results
  • Distribution
    • Model Storage Constraints
    • Model Multiple Modes of Transport
    • Model Push production using Min Resource Utilization
    • Understand parameters, costs and key figures related to distribution
    • Run optimizer and analyze results
  • Fair share
    • Explain Fair share concept
    • Model Fair share of Demand, Late Demand, Inventory Target and Holding Inventory
    • Model Fair share of Dependent Demand
    • Understand parameters, costs and key figures related to Fair share
    • Run optimizer and analyze results
  • Aggregated Constraints
    • Understand advanced concepts using aggregated constraints
    • Push Production and Capacity Leveling w/ Aggregated Production constraints
    • Constrain Distribution Plan w/ Aggregated Transport constraints
    • Understand parameters, costs and key figures related to Aggregated Constraints
    • Run optimizer and analyze results
  • Miscellaneous Topics
    • Model Location Product Substitution
    • Describe Multi-Sourcing and Quotas Violation
    • Understand use of Telescopic Planning and Considerations
    • Optimizer performance, parallelization and benchmarks
    • Review commonly used Additional Parameters in Optimizer Profile
  • Additional Topics
    • Understand integration of ERP or S/4HANA inputs
    • Describe operationalizing optimizer plans to SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA
    • Advanced industry-specific use cases e.g. Shelf-Life, Production Wheel
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Outline the features of SAP IBP Time Series Based Constrained Supply Planning with Optimizer 
    • Describe in detail: Modeling, Key Figures, and Parameters 
    • Utilize Operators and Optimizers 
  • IBP Application Consultants 
  • Business Process Architects 
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power Users 
  • Solution Architects 


  • IBP100 - SAP Integrated Business Planning Overview 
  • IBP200 – SAP IBP Platform Features and Time Series Heuristics 


  • IBP300 - SAP IBP - Advanced Configuration  
  • This course, when delivered virtually or in the classroom, will be provided with the most current cloud version of the SAP IBP solution to complete course exercises. The "Course based on software release" identifies the version of the software upon which the course features and functions are based. An e-learning version of this course is available in the SAP Learning Hub (IBP70e).

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