Course announcements

  • In this advanced configuration course, you will gain a solid understanding of the SAP IBP for Demand business processes including Demand sensing with Machine Learning algorithm and their associated configuration. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises. Do not attempt this course until you have first completed the mandatory prerequisite IBP100 – SAP IBP for Supply Chain Overview, to ensure you have attained the foundational knowledge to maximize your learning goals.

Course information

  • Introduction to SAP IBP for demand 
    • Explaining Demand Planning 
    • Describing Model Components - Master Data Types and Key Figures 
  • Data Preparation 
    • Cleaning Data Manually 
    • Cleaning Data Automatically 
  • Forecasting 
    • Using Forecast Profiles 
    • Determining the Best Forecast Model 
    • Assigning Forecast Models 
    • Using Multiple Linear Regression 
    • Using Composite Forecasting 
    • Incorporating Market Input 
    • Measuring Performance Using Alerts 
  • Lifecycle Planning 
    • Planning product lifecycles 
    • Using Phase-in and Phase-out Profiles 
    • Manual Forecasting
    • Realigning Data 
  • Promotion Planning 
    • Planning Promotions 
    • Creating Promotions 
    • Managing Past Promotions 
  • Demand Plan Release 
    • Using Financial Key Figures and Pricing 
    • Releasing a Demand Plan
    • Measuring Forecast Performance 
    • Using Analytics and Dashboards 
    • Using Snapshots 
  • Forecast Accuracy 
    • Using ABC and XYZ Segmentation 
    • Using Time Series Analysis 
    • Setting up Alerts for Forecast Accuracy 
    • Performing Analysis in the SAP Fiori Web UI and the Excel UI 
    • Tailoring Your Forecasts 
  • Demand Sensing 
    • Introducing Demand Sensing 
    • Describing the Model Component Demand Sensing
    • Setting up Demand Sensing with Gradient Boosting (2.0) Algorithm
    • Managing Demand Sensing 
    • Tailoring the Demand Sensing Algorithm 
    • Approving the Demand Sensing Results
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Outline model components of SAP IBP for demand
    • Perform Data Preparation
    • Execute a mid- / long-range forecast 
    • Configure Demand Planning functions 
    • Work with forecast accuracy
    • Execute Demand Sensing processes
  • Application Consultants 
  • Business Process Architects 
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power Users 
  • Solution Architects


  • IBP100 – SAP IBP for Supply Chain, Overview


  • IBP300 - SAP IBP Advanced Configuration

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