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  • In this course you will gain a solid understanding of the SAP IBP Inventory Optimization component, and its associated business processes. This course aims to clarify where and when SAP IBP for inventory should be considered. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises.
  • A self-paced e-learning version of this course is available with an active subscription to the SAP Learning Hub (Professional or IoT and Digital Supply Chain solution edition).

Course information

  • Introduction to Inventory Planning and Optimization with SAP IBP for Inventory
    • What is Inventory Planning?
    • What is Inventory Optimization? 
    • Added value to your Integrated Business Planning through Inventory Optimization
    • Key Differentiators of SAP IBP for Inventory
    • SAP IBP for Inventory within SAP IBP for Supply Chain
  • SAP IBP for Inventory: Configuring and Preparing for Use
    • Describing the Business Planning Scenario
    • Options for Handling Uncertainty
    • Examining Attributes and Master Data Types
    • Analyzing Planning Levels and Key Figures
    • Planning Details
    • Inventory Global Configuration Parameters
  • Creating an Inventory Optimization Process
    • Positioning SAP IBP for Inventory in a S&OP Process
    • Running an ABC/XYZ-Segmentation and a Time-Series Analysis
    • Forecast Error Calculation
    • Role of an Inventory Planner as key player within the Sales and Operations Process
  • The Power of Multi-echelon
    • Introduction to an overarching SAP IBP optimizer methodology
    • Normal vs. Gamma distribution
    • Forecast Error
    • Demand Propagation
    • Exposure demand, supply variability and service variability calculations
    • Multi-stage application via an example
    • Other drivers of safety stock: service level, periods between replenishment, lot size, delivery type and promotions
  • Validating inputs
    • Holistic Approach
    • Input review and initial variables
  • Running an Inventory Optimization Operator
    • Special attributes
    • Global (multi-stage) inventory optimization
    • Calculate Target Inventory Components
    • Decomposed (Single-stage) Inventory Optimization
    • Diagnosing system issues
  • Analyzing the Results of an inventory optimization run
    • Inventory Plan Review
    • Supply Chain Network App
    • Inventory Profiles App
    • Inventory Analysis App
    • Applications Jobs App
    • Planning Results
    • Scenario Planning 
  • Finalizing the Inventory Plan
    • Network capital analysis and scenario management
    • Finalizing the inventory Plan
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Outline the features of SAP IBP for inventory 
    • Explain how SAP IBP Inventory Optimization fits into the S&OP business processes. 
    • Setup single- and multi-stage inventory logic 
    • Identify and use the required attributes and key figures, and master data 
    • Use multi-level BOM Planning 
    • Actively engage in SAP IBP implementation projects 
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Solution Architect


  • IBP100 SAP IBP for Supply Chain, Overview
  • IBP200 SAP IBP Platform Features and Time Series Based Heuristics Planning
  • IBP300 SAP IBP Advanced Configuration


  • None

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