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  • In this course you will start exploring IBP configuration of master data objects and planning areas, key figures, currency and UOM conversion, and progress to more advanced topics. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises. IBP300 is an intensive and detailed course. DO NOT attempt to take this course without first completing IBP100 – SAP IBP for Supply Chain Overview, AND IBP200 - SAP IBP Platform Features and Time Series Based Heuristics Planning. If you attempt to take IBP300 without first completing the mandatory prerequisite courses, you will not achieve the maximum benefits and some concepts may be difficult to comprehend.

Course information

  • Overview of configuration activities in SAP Integrated Business Planning 
  • Configuration 
    • Using Configuration to Model a Business 
    • Creating an Attribute
    • Creating a Simple and Compound Master Data Type 
    • Creating a Time Profile 
    • Creating a Planning Area and a Planning Level 
    • Creating a Key Figure and writing a Key Figure Calculation 
    • Creating a Version and a Reason Code 
  • Model Activation 
    • Activating a Planning Area and troubleshooting activation errors 
  • Active Object Deletion
  • Data Integration
    • Identifying data import options
    • Importing Data Using the SAP IBP Web UI
  • Planning Area Copy, Merge and Download/Upload 
    • Performing a Simple Copy (Create New) of a Planning Area 
    • Performing New with Dependencies (Advanced) Copy of a Planning Area
    • Performing a Planning Area Merge
    • Downloading, Uploading and Comparing Planning Areas
    • Exporting and Importing Planning Areas
    • Using SAP Preferred Naming Conventions 
  • Key Figure Functions 
    • Implementing Disaggregation
    • Using Helper Key Figures 
    • Configuring Change History 
    • Creating Snapshots Key Figures 
  • Currency Conversion 
  • UOM Conversion and Price Conversion 
    • Creating Time Independent Key Figures 
    • Converting Units of Measure (UOM)
    • Converting price 
  • Attribute Transformations 
  • Advanced Configuration Topics  
    • Simplified Key Figure Calculations 
    • Configuring Period Shift
    • Configuring Last Period Aggregation 
    • Configuring Weighted Average
    • Cumulative and Rolling Aggregation
    • Configuring Coverage Calculation
    • Configuring Split Factor Calculations
  • Planning Operators and Application Jobs 
    • Planning Operator Overview
    • Purging Key Figure Data (PURGE) 
    • Copying and Disaggregating Key Figure Values
    • Creating a Job Template
    • Creating an ABC Classification 
  • Supply Review - Setting an Alert in Favorite 
    • Using Supply Calculations to Understand Planning Levels
    • Setting up an Alert in a Favorite
  • Comparing Versions and Scenarios 
    • Creating and Comparing Versions and Scenarios
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Use configuration to adapt pre-delivered models and build planning areas from scratch.
    • Work with advanced configuration features and functions of the SAP IBP for Supply Chain solution.
    • Test your configuration solution using Planner Workspace
  • IBP Application Consultants 
  • Business Process Architects 
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User 
  • Solution Architect 


  • IBP100 - SAP IBP for Supply Chain, Overview
  • IBP200 – SAP IBP Platform Features and Time Series Based Heuristics Planning * Recommended: 
  • None 

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