Course announcements

  • In this course you will gain a solid understanding of the SAP IBP solution, its components, and its associated business processes. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Describe the key business processes in SAP IBP
    • Explain, at a high level, the benefits of each SAP IBP component
    • Actively engage in SAP IBP implementation projects


  • IBP Application Consultants
  • Project Team Members
  • Key/Power Users



  • Participants should be familiar Supply Chain planning functions.


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP 6.3 (1608)


  • Introduction to Planning Processes
    • Macro Process
    • Planning levels & Horizons
    • Challenges in the supply chain
  • Introduction to SAP IBP
    • How does it fits into my supply chain?
    • What is the business case, KPIs Improved?
    • Technology overview
    • Overview of modules
    • Navigation in Excel & Web dashboards
    • Creation of an Excel template
  • Demand management
    • Introduction to IBP for demand
    • Introduction to demand management
    • Data preparation (Lifecycle management, segmentation)
    • Statistical forecasting
    • Demand sensing
    • Sales & demand review
    • Agree on consensus demand
  • Inventory optimisation
    • Introduction to IBP for inventory
    • Introduction to inventory principles
    • Inventory data preparation (service level, lead times)
    • Single stage optimisation
    • Multi echelon optimisation
  • Supply planning
    • Introduction to IBP for supply
    • Unconstrained planning with supply heuristic
    • Constrained planning with supply optimiser
    • Overview of Response
  • Scenario & Simulation
    • Introduction to scenario planning
    • Simulation in SAP IBP (What if analysis)
    • Scenario planning & comparison in SAP IBP
  • Identify issues in the supply chain
    • Introduction to IBP control tower
    • Overview of KPIs available
    • Exception planning with alerts
    • Analytics in the dashboards
  • Collaboration
    • Usage of the process tracker
    • Reason codes and change log
    • Case and tasks management
    • How to improve productivity and teamwork with SAP Jam


  • The training materials have been created using features and screen shots from SAP IBP OD 1610. You may see some differences between the more current system you are using for classroom exercises and the training materials.