• Processing of typical business processes in the automotive supplier industry based on the SAP for Automotive solution


  • Members of the project team at automotive suppliers, such as procurement specialists, sales specialists, material requirements planners, and IT specialists.



  • SCM600 Business Processes in Sales Order Management or
  • SCM500 Business Processes in Procurement or
  • SCM300 Business Processes in Manufacturing (SAP ERP)
  • Equivalent basic knowledge of logistics


  • Basic knowledge of the supplier industry and relevant experience

Course based on software release

  • ECC-EhP5 SP03


  • Overview of the supply chain in the automotive industry
  • General EDI processing
  • Typical automotive business processes:
  • Scheduling agreement processing with forecast and just-in-time delivery schedules
  • Scheduling agreement processing with forecast delivery schedule and delivery order (pickup sheet)
  • Scheduling agreement processing with external service providers
  • JIT process 1: delivering sequenced calls (JIS)
  • JIT process 2: Generating, sending, and delivering summarized JIT calls
  • Scheduling agreement processing with handling unit management and returnable package management
  • Integrating suppliers via the Supplier Portal
  • Overview


  • This course deals with the cross-module and cross-company presentation of selected typical business processes in the automotive supplier industry. This course is not intended as an "Automotive" delta course.