Course announcements

  • SAP Learning System Access gives access to live, preconfigured learning system environments to practice and build SAP software knowledge and skills.
  • The system environments are tailored to support the corresponding training courses and allow exploration beyond the scope of a course.
  • The 60-hour usage option of SAP Learning System Access provides 60 hours usage time in the system environment per one year of subscription.

Course information


  • 60 hours of usage time per one year of subscription (respectively calculated pro-rata for the given subscription term).
  • Option to use any of the available system environments.
  • Live, hands-on access to SAP learning systems for hands-on experience and experimentation.
  • System environments support exercises and solutions of corresponding course e-books.


  • Practice SAP software knowledge and skills with training course exercises.
  • Explore learning systems in a learning-by-doing fashion.
  • Get hands-on experience in real SAP system environments.
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want in a self-paced way.


  • Anyone in the SAP ecosystem who would like to gain hands-on SAP knowledge.



  • SAP Learning System Access is available as an additional purchase option for subscribers of SAP Learning Hub to gain hands-on practice. All subscribers of any of the following editions of SAP Learning Hub, private or public cloud version, are eligible:
  • SAP Learning Hub, professional edition (HUB020, HUB030)
  • SAP Learning Hub, solution editions:
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (HUB071)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for digital platforms (HUB072)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for procurement and networks (HUB073)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for analytics (HUB074)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for customer experience (HUB075)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for IoT and digital supply chain (HUB076)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for people engagement (HUB077)
  • SAP Learning Hub, edition for finance (HUB078)
  • SAP Learning Hub, business edition (HUB040)
  • SAP Learning Hub, student edition (HUB050)
  • SAP Learning Hub, partner edition

Course based on software release

  • Release version of the training software environments are indicated by course in the SAP Learning System Access portal.