• Get a fast start to your SAP user enablement by subscribing to our library of standard overview and end-user enablement content.
  • You get 12 months, unlimited access to a catalogue containing SAP Education’s standard end-user enablement content
  • During the 12 months subscription SAP Education will update the catalogue with any changes to existing content or net new content relevant to end-users, so that you have access to our latest content during your subscription


  • SAP Business User, SAP User
  • Executives



  • None


  • None


  • Hundreds of learning titles, available in up to 10 languages, thereof
    • Handbooks – Easy to read, browse and searchable Flipbook format, Customer and academy titles, from overview to advanced level
    • E-Learning courses – Interactive, multi-media content, incl. assessments, demos and exercises, from overview to advanced level
  • Curriculum maps – Predefined learning paths combining various learning titles
  • SAP Learning Rooms – Moderated, interactive online spaces to exchange and collaborate with SAP experts and fellow learners.
  • For the full list of content included, please see the Overview of Contents.


  • Online access to a selection of SAP Education content aimed at business and end users via SAP Learning Hub.
  • You must have a SAP Learning Hub Business User Edition subscription (HUB040) in order to access AR530E.