• Build and keep SAP software skills and knowledge up-to-date from a library of thousands of SAP enablement titles.
  • Enable individuals or organizations to maximize the value of SAP software anywhere, anytime.
  • Leverage learning management system capabilities to select training courses, view learning progress, and report learning programs and history.
  • Benefit from innovative SAP Learning Rooms — interactive, online social media sites where users get access to knowledgeable SAP experts and collaborate and network with fellow learners, work on challenging assignments, and review exercises right at your desk.
  • Prepare for certifications for SAP software, get access to certification learning maps, and certification-related training content.
  • Complement your learning experience with an optional on-demand access to live SAP systems through SAP Live Access to practice your skills and build experience. SAP Live Access systems are preconfigured with the data needed to carry out the exercises in training handbooks and users are free to experiment on their own.


  • SAP Consultants, Customer COE and IT members, SAP Administrators, SAP Super Users, SAP Project Team members, Individual SAP Professionals



  • None


  • Learning Journeys - A visual guide illustrating the path a learner can choose to become fully competent in a solution
  • Learning management system capabilities - To track and report on learning goals and progress
  • SAP Learning Rooms - Structured collaboration and social learning led by experts from SAP or partners
  • Educational content - Unlimited access to all of the learning content from SAP, including role-based learning and certification paths and the option to upload company-specific content
  • SAP Live Access - Exclusive purchase option for on-demand access to live training systems
  • For the full list of content included, please see the Overview of Contents. href="http://bit.ly/1Joweyj"target="_blank"> Overview of Contents.


  • Get a fast start to your SAP enablement by subscribing to our library of enablement content for this SAP Learning Hub edition.
  • Benefit from an unlimited access during your 12 months subscription to a catalogue containing SAP’s enablement content for this SAP Learning Hub edition.
  • SAP Education is continuously updating the catalogue with any changes to existing content or net new content relevant to users, so that you have access to our latest content during your subscription.