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  • Training content for the SAP SuccessFactors customer courses is provided via the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC). If you do not currently have access to the SFALC, please follow the step by step instructions in the access guide. Please note, you must be a licensed SuccessFactors customer in order to access the SFALC. This content is also available in the User Edition & Professional Edition of the SAP Learning Hub.
  • SAP Activate for SAP SuccessFactors Customers provides the framework for SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects. This Level 1 training is intended for SAP Account Executives, SAP Service Sales, SAP Customer Engagement Executives, SAP Pre-Sales, SAP Sales Partners, and Customers. SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects consists of two teams, the SAP SuccessFactors Implementation team and the Customer Team, working as one integrated unit. The SAP SuccessFactors Implementation team brings product expertise, proven best practices, and a combination of HCM expertise and implementation experience. The Customer team understands their business drivers, project objectives, and manages the business issues within their organization. Each team will have roles assigned to them with specific responsibilities and tasks. Many tasks are shared by customer resources and SAP SuccessFactors implementation team members during implementation. In this course, you will learn about the key characteristics of cloud implementations and the concepts and components of SAP Activate for SuccessFactors. You will learn about the three pillars of SAP Activate, the phases of the methodology, and the roles and responsibilities of an implementation team.

Course information


  • Introduction
  • Cloud Environment
  • SAP Activate Framework
  • Implementation Approach
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Summary


  • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
    • Describe how cloud implementations can be different for customers moving from classical on premise to cloud solutions
    • Explain how the three pillars of SAP Activate enable implementations to build smart and run simple
    • Describe the SAP Activate approach with its key concepts and components
    • Explain the roles and responsibilities on SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects and why project governance is important especially for cloud implementations


  • Business Process Owner, Team Lead, Power User



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  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite