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  • This training course is focusing on the Authorization, Security and integrated scenarios for SAP HANA.


  • Security Administrator
  • System Administrator



  • Basic understanding of SAP HANA functionalities and scenarios


Course based on software release

  • SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03


  • The aim of this course is to prepare the student to work on authorizations and security on the SAP HANA Platform. The course initially covers system level security including Network and Communication security and Data Storage encryption, then it focuses on user management, authentication, authorizations, and auditing. Specific exercises are proposed, about LDAP Group authorization, User Groups, Data Masking, Authorization trace.
  • Some basic concepts of application development on the XS Advanced are introduced since they are required to properly work on authorization roles.
  • Table of contents:
    • Unit 01: SAP HANA Overview
    • Unit 02: Network and Communication Security
    • Unit 03: Certificate Management
    • Unit 04: Data Storage Security
    • Unit 05: Object Ownership
    • Unit 06: User Management
    • Unit 07: Authentication and Single Sign-On
    • Unit 08: Elements of application development in XS Advanced
    • Unit 09: Elements of application development in XS Classic (optiona
    • Unit 10: Authorizations
    • Unit 11: Analyzing Users and Authorizations
    • Unit 12: Auditing
    • Unit 13: Security for SAP HANA Extended Application Services, class model (XSC, optional)
    • Unit 14: Security for SAP HANA Extended Application Services, advan model (XSA)
    • Unit 15: SAP BW Models in SAP HANA
    • Unit 16: Integration with SAP Business Objects BI 4.X (optional)
    • Unit 17: SAP HANA with ERP or S/4HANA and the Analytics Authorizati Assistant (optional)
    • Unit 18: Integration with SAP GRC (optional)
    • Unit 19: Integration with SAP Identity Management (optional)
  • Note: content, which is marked as "optional", refer to secondary Lesso and Exercises and won’t be covered in this 2 days classroom course (due to lack of time, they mostly cover security on the deprecated XS Classic architecture, plus some overview lessons on related subjects). Nevertheless, we left such contents in the training material, since they could be of interest for a subsequent review by the student.

This course is also available as a test system within SAP Live Access

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