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  • This course offers hands-on configuration and implementation of SAP Process Control 10.1, as well as important concepts you will need to know in order to prepare for implementation and ongoing prevention of process risk.


  • Discuss the purpose and business use of Process Control
  • Describe key features and related harmonization topics
  • Describe risk-based internal controls
  • Configure Process Control customizing settings and those shared across GRC
  • Create and manage master data
  • Discuss security and authorization requirements
  • Implement the Process Control solution
  • Use risk-managed financial compliance practices
  • Plan and process surveys and tests
  • Set up and maintain Continuous Monitoring
  • Integrate and use Process Control with Policy Management
  • Discuss operational compliance
  • Aggregate deficiencies
  • Use the harmonized reporting framework
  • Describe the use of custom-defined fields and document search


  • Implementation Consultants
  • Key Technical Business Users involved in a Process Control project
  • IT Governance Experts
  • Consultants for SAP Security and GRC IT Auditors
  • Business Project Team Leaders
  • Compliance Managers
  • Internal Audit Managers



  • GRC100
  • Knowledge of integrated processes in an SAP system
  • Knowledge of authorization concepts in an SAP system
  • Practical knowledge of common business processes


  • Experience with compliance regulations

Course based on software release

  • SAP Process Control 10.1


  • Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (eGRC)
  • Governance
  • Harmonization Overview
  • Configuration Requirements
  • Create and Manage Master Data
  • Surveys and Manual Tests
  • Risk-Managed Financial Compliance
  • Ad Hoc Issues
  • Policy Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Operational Compliance Overview
  • Closing Activities in an ICS Management Cycle
  • Reporting
  • Security and Authorization
  • Implementation Scope and Approach
  • Establishing a Compliance Framework
  • Other Process Control Features


  • The training materials are available in English language only.

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