• Explain the components and architecture of an SAP Replication Server system
  • Replicate user transactions and/or stored procedure executions
  • Install, set up, and configure a Replication Server environment


  • Developer Consultant
  • System Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant



  • Databse administration experience


Course based on software release

  • SAP ASE and SAP Replication Server


  • Replication Server
    • Identifying Replication Concepts
    • Defining Replication Server Architecture
    • Identifying Replication Architectures
  • Installation
    • Installing Replication Server
    • Creating a Replication Server
    • Adding a Database to the Replication System
    • Setting Up the Replication Server Environment
  • Routes
    • Configuring Routes
  • Replication Server Administration
    • Enabling the Gateway
    • Configuring a Replication Server
    • Managing the Stable Device
    • Applying Replication Server Security
    • Enabling Command Auditing
    • Managing Truncation Points
    • Using the Replication Server System Database (RSSD)
  • Regular Replication
    • Creating Table Replication Definitions
    • Modifying Replication Definitions
    • Troubleshooting Replication Definitions
    • Marking Tables for Replication
    • Using Subscriptions
    • Using Materialization
    • Using Bulk Nonatomic Materialization
    • Troubleshooting Subscriptions
    • Creating Publications
  • Warm Standby
    • Describing Warm Standby Replication
    • Initializing Warm Standby
    • Synchronizing Logins
    • Using Switchover
    • Administering Warm Standby
    • Using Warm Standby and Regular Replication
  • Multisite Availability (MSA)
    • Using MSA
  • Control Center for Replication
    • Examining Control Center for Replication
    • Setting Up the Control Center
    • Configuring the Control Center
    • Monitoring Latency
    • Collecting Statistics
    • Using Alerts
  • Stored Procedure Replication
    • Defining Stored Procedure Replication
    • Using Applied Functions
    • Using Request Functions
    • Troubleshooting Stored Procedure Replication
    • Dropping Objects
  • Heterogeneous Replication
    • Explaining Heterogeneous Replication
    • Configuring a Heterogeneous Replication System
    • Managing Heterogeneous Warm Standby Support
  • Replication Server Troubleshooting
    • Identifying Troubleshooting Recommendations for Replication Server
    • Monitoring Replication Server Issues
    • Supporting Failed Transactions
    • Resolving Replication Server Issues
    • Customizing Error Actions

CPE Credits

040 Credits

Please note CPE credits are available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered at SAP locations. CPE credits are not available for virtual classroom deliveries or customer specific deliveries.

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