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  • In this course, you learn the principles of the design-led development methodology in SAP Leonardo engagements. Working along a case study, you experience the different design-led development phases including design thinking and design doing activities.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Explain how SAP Leonardo powers the Intelligent Enterprise
    • List SAP Leonardo technologies
    • Explain the SAP Leonardo Engagement Models
    • Describe the design-led innovation approach
    • Explain the Explore Phase
    • Explain the explore workshop
    • Experience the exploration exercise
    • Create a value heat map
    • Create a stakeholder map
    • Create an opportunity roadmap
    • Create a game plan
    • Explain and post-process user research activities
    • Synthesize user research findings
    • Create a persona
    • Create a point of view statement
    • Create an as-is user experience journey map
    • Create a to-be user experience journey using scenes
    • Create a golden thread
    • Explain the design & prototyping phase
    • Sketch a primary user flow
    • Create lo-fi prototypes using Build
    • Collect feedback using BUILD
    • Explain design gates
    • Explain the basic principles of SAP Fiori
    • Apply SAP Fiori guidelines
    • Explain the deliver phase


  • Project Stakeholders,
  • Program/Project Managers, Change Manager,
  • Application Consultants, Solution & Enterprise Architects,
  • Business Analysts, Business Users



  • none


  • openSAP: SAP Leonardo Design-Led Engagements Demystified (DLEO1)
  • openSAP: SAP Leonardo Design-Led Engagements Basics (DLEO2)


  • SAP Leonardo and the Intelligent Enterprise
  • SAP Leonardo Design-led Innovation Approach
  • The Explore Phase
  • The Discover Phase
  • The Design & Prototype Phase
  • The Deliver Phase

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