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  • This course covers a broad range of logistics topics relevant to Defense Forces, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Organizations. Participants get a holistic overview of the SAP Solution for Defense in the area of logistics and maintenance. Many hand-on exercises will help you deepen your knowledge and try-it out in practice.

Course information

  • DFPS Logistics Introduction
    • Describe the motivation for DFPS logistics
    • Explain stocks vs provisions
    • Explain the organizational structure integration
  • Stocks Processes
    • Describe material planning objects
    • Describe material containers
    • Describe equipment packages
    • Explain how authorized materials are linked into the organizational structure
    • Explain how physical stock is linked into the organizational structure
    • Explain the concept of MRP areas in the light of stocks
    • Run and interpret the authorized/actual comparison
    • Plan and request stock material
    • Explain the idea of condition code
    • Return material manually
    • Return material automatically
    • Explain the concept of loans
    • Explain return vs loan
  • Provisions
    • Explain how provisions are integrated into organizational structure
    • Describe provision package objects (PPAs)
    • Describe relevant material master attributes
    • Describe material master data creation in bulk
    • Describe mass change of material master data on MRP area level
    • Describe how priorities are used in the DFPS Solution
    • Describe how requirement priorities and delivery priorities and derived
    • Describe how provision packages (PPAs) are used to carry out initial supply of a force element
    • Describe how to manually request Materials through standard SAP transactions and through DFPS
    • Describe how MRP can be used by defense organizations to plan material provisions
    • Describe how requirement priorities can be used to automate the creation of purchase orders and deliveries
    • Describe how return deliveries are used for provision materials
    • Describe return material manually
  • Personal and Functional Equipment
    • Describe how SAP DFPS uses personal and functional equipment to manage materials issued to persons
    • Describe necessary customizing setting to issue materials to persons
    • Describe master data required to issue materials to persons
    • Describe the definition of authorized materials for persons
    • Describe the process to issue functional equipment
    • Describe the process to issue personal equipment
    • Monitor the equipment status of persons and force elements
    • Describe the process to return functional and personal equipment
    • Describe the process of transferring personal and functional equipment from one person to another
  • Plant Maintenance integration
    • Describe the different technical objects and their roles including master equipment and site equipment
    • Define how the force element is integrated with plant maintenance
    • Describe the forwarding process of maintenance notifications and maintenance orders
    • Describe the usage of extended view for maintenance notification
    • Explain maintenance book
    • Explain the process of technical objects relocation
  • Support of Flight Operations
    • Describe the prerequisites to use the functionalities of support of flight operations
    • Explain a typical line maintenance scenario
    • Explain the different kind of statuses of DFPS line maintenance
    • Use the DFPS status board to manage the technical operations of your fleet
    • Explain how DFPS supports flight operations management
    • Explain how DFPS provides decision support for selecting aircraft to be assigned to a flight
    • Explain the debriefing procedure after flight
    • Describe the purpose and functionalities of the staff assignment board
    • Describe the general steps of customizing for support of flight operations
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Consult within an implementation Project of DFPS in S/4 HANA regarding Logistics Integration, Materials Management and Plant Maintenance.
    • explain the data model and guide a customer when making basic decisions concerning the modeling of his logistics and maintenance organization.
    • Participate in implementation of EA-DFPS specific processes, such as Personal and Functional Equipment and Support of Flight Operations.
    • Explain the impacts of EA-DFPS functionalities on the enterprise structure.
    • Explain the difference between a DFPS and a cross-industry standard implementation.
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Support Consultant
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/ Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • Support Consultant


  • SAP-Education in one procedural component of our software, such as Materials Management or Plant Maintenance
  • DFPS60 or
  • DFPS66 Defense and Security Workshop Organizational Flexibility


  • None
  • SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01
  • EA-DFPS 802 SP01
  • This workshop is a training of the new developed functionality and technique of the defense solution. It will not provide customer specific implementation know how. It will show some best practice approaches of EA-DFPS within the used examples. Organizational Workshop DFPS66 is highly recommended to understand the content of with workshop.
  • The training content is subject of changes because the development is an ongoing process. In some parts of the training also customizing topics will be discussed.
  • Please be aware that the course materials are delivered in English only.

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