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  • This course covers a broad range of key topics relevant to Defense Forces, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Organizations who need to get a holistic overview of the new solution. Many hand-on exercises will help you deepen your knowledge and try-it out in practice.

Course information

  • DFPS Introduction
    • Explain the demand for a defense solution
    • Describe the development history of Defense Forces and Public
  • Security (DFPS)
    • Describe the latest solution of DFPS with ERP
    • Outline the current development approach for DFPS
    • Describe the purpose of the DEIG
    • Describe the scope of DFPS with SAP S/4HANA
  • Force Elements and Force Structures
    • Outline the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE)
    • Define a force element
    • Describe force element data model design
    • Describe different approaches to modeling a force element
    • Describe force element structures
  • Structure Workbench
    • Outline the structures workbench
    • Navigate the structure area
    • Navigate the selection area
    • Use the detail area of the structure workbench
    • Use the document management system
  • Data Model and Personnel
    • Create a position
    • Describe the role of qualifications and jobs in the force structure
    • Describe how evaluation paths are used in DFPS
  • Operations and Exercises
    • Explain organizational structures used in operations and exercises
    • Create operations and exercises
    • Staff operations with personnel
  • Integration with Cost Accounting
    • Describe DFPS accounting components
    • Describe DFPS organizational levels and accounting
    • Describe the technical settings in accounting
    • Describe the DFPS force elements and accounting objects
    • Describe force element status changes
    • Describe force element delimitation impacts
    • Explain organizational measure changes
    • Explain workflow management
    • Explain accounting links in the structures workbench
    • Describe the mass generation functionalities in DFPS
    • Describe the generation of the CO standard hierarchies in DFPS
    • Describe the different accounting objects relevant to DPFS
  • Customizing of Workbench Structures
    • Create a new transaction
    • Create usage types with limited tab pages
    • Customize a DFPS transaction
    • Customize evaluation paths
  • Case Study
    • Customize a new organizational structure for a humanitarian air operation
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Consult on an implementation Project of DFPS in S/4 HANA (compatibility scope) that includes: Force Element, Authorized and Actual Personnel, operational Structures and Cost Accounting
    • Explain supported business processes, such as Force Generation
    • Explain the data model and guide customers when making basic decisions concerning the modeling of their personnel, financial and logistics organizations
    • Explain the impacts of EA-DFPS functionalities on the enterprise structure
    • Use the customizing of the "Structures Workbench "
    • Explain the differences between a DFPS and a cross-industry standard implementation
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/ Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • Support Consultant



  • Basic knowledge about SAP HCM on-premise (objects and processes)
  • SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01
  • EA-DFPS 802 SP01
  • This course is a training of the functionality and techniques of the defense solution. It will not provide customer specific implementation know how. It will show some best practice approaches of EA-DFPS within the used examples.
  • This course (DFPS66) is an essential prerequisite for the course DFPS67. Especially the logistics portion of the DFPS67 class requires the knowledge provided in this course and shouldn’t be booked without completion of this class.
  • This course is built on S/4 HANA SAP basis, while using DFPS (industry solution Defense) in Compatibility Scope. However, the DFPS specific knowledge acquired is also relevant and compatible with ECC 6.0 EHP 5-8 platforms with active Defense Solution.
  • Please be aware that the course materials are delivered in English only.

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