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  • In this course you will get an overview of SAP Workflow Management powered by SAP BTP. If you have a diverse system landscape with several heterogenous cloud or on premise systems to integrate into joint workflows, this is the way to move forward. The training will set SAP Workflow Management into relation to other workflow solutions offered by SAP. You will get an introduction into BPMN 2.0 and how it is implemented in SAP Workflow Service. Focus of this training will be to show you the concepts and tools for developing your own workflows in the SAP BTP. This includes implementing user tasks, automated script tasks, the integration of remote systems or services via service tasks and managing the flow of your process using sequence flows, gateways and the workflow context. Additionally, you will learn about using the Business Rules Service, Process Visibility Service and Process Flexibility to further enhance your workflow experience.

Course information

  • Unit 1: Introduction
    • Discuss common challenges of business process execution
    • Choose the matching SAP Workflow Solution for your business scenario
  • Unit 2: Live Process Content, and Process Flexibility Cockpit
    • Explain the concept of Live Process Content
    • Explain the relevance of SAP API Business Hub in the context of SAP Workflow Management
    • Be able to find Live Process Content in SAP API Business Hub
    • Know capabilities of the Process Flexibility Cockpit
    • Explain the concept of Process Variants
    • Be able to import Live Process Content via Process Hub
    • Be able to configure Process Variants
    • Be able to activate and deploy Process Variants
  • Unit 3: BPMN and SAP Workflow Service
    • Describe BPMN and underlying concepts
    • Describe BPMN artifacts and their usage
    • Describe BPMN Best Practices
    • Model a process
  • Unit 4: Workflow Development
    • Describe capabilities of SAP Workflow Service
    • Set up a workflow project in SAP Business Application Studio
    • Use the workflow editor
    • Describe the use of the workflow context
    • Describe workflow attributes
    • Describe different workflow user interface technologies
    • Create task forms as task user interfaces
    • Describe user tasks
    • Add user tasks to workflows
    • Describe gateways
    • Add gateways in workflows
    • Describe service tasks
    • Add service tasks to workflows
    • Describe events and mail tasks
    • Add events and mail tasks to workflows
  • Unit 5: SAP Business Rule Service
    • Describe capabilities of SAP Business Rules service
    • Explain main concepts of SAP Business Rules
    • Describe the Enterprise Rule Model
    • Explain the creation process of a Business Rules Project
    • Describe the different entities of SAP Business Rules
    • Describe the versioning concept of SAP Business Rules
  • Unit 6: Process Visibility
    • Explain capabilities of the SAP Process Visibility service
    • Explain main concepts of the SAP Process Visibility service
    • Be able to create a visibility scenario based on a workflow definition
    • Be able to build a visibility scenario by adding workflows
    • Be able to activate visibility scenarios
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand and categorize SAP Workflow Management
    • Design and implement custom SAP Workflows
    • Implement preconfigured workflows from SAP API Business Hub
    • Use related SAP BTP solutions, specifically Business Rules Service and Process Visibility
  • Business Process Architect Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User Developer Development Consultant Solution Architect Technology Consultant


  • CP100


  • Basic knowledge in business processes and programming or scripting.
  • SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment
  • This course focuses on SAP Workflow Management in the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment. Differences and specifics in the SAP BTP, Neo environment will not be discussed.

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