Course announcements

  • With this course you will gain the knowledge to create fully custom reports. Building on your knowledge of the report painter, you will learn and utilize the advanced functions of the report writer.

Course information

  • Report Writer Components
    • Understanding the Components of the Report Writer
    • Configuring the Report Writer Components
  • Report Writer
    • Comparing Report Writer
  • Report Writer Sets
    • Creating Basic Sets
    • Creating Single Sets
    • Creating Key Figure Sets
    • Creating Multisets
    • Using Sets in Report Writer Reports
    • Using Sets Across Applications
  • Report Variables
    • Defining Basic Variables
    • Defining Formula Variables
    • Using Variables in Reports
    • Adding Text to Reports
  • Sets in Report Writer Reports
    • Using Sets in Reports
  • Report Formatting
    • Applying Total Levels
    • Applying Suppression
    • Setting Page Breaks in Reports
    • Using Standard Layouts and Format Groups
  • Sections
    • Using Sections in Reports
    • Using Section Layouts and Attributes
    • Using Row and Column Blocks
    • Using Row Block Attributes
    • Dividing and Joining Sections
  • Cells and Key Figure Blocks
    • Calculation Using Cells
    • Defining and Using Global Cells
    • Calculating Key Figures
    • Building Reports with Calculated Key Figure Blocks
  • Key Figures
    • Creating New Key Figures
    • Using New Key Figures
  • Use the advanced functions of the Report Writer for defining custom reports
  • Application Consultant
  • Technology Consultant


  • CA705 Basics of the Report Painter/Report Writer


  • Experience in Cost Center Accounting
  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7

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