Course announcements

  • The SAP Commerce Cloud Migration Essentials course puts together various resources that will take through essential knowledge needed for migration projects from SAP Commerce on-prem to SAP Commerce Cloud. After completing this course, you should understand the key technical differences between the on-premise and cloud version of SAP Commerce, and their consequences for migration projects. Also, you should be aware of the main stakeholder responsibilities and service packages involved in the different phases of migration projects.

Course information


  • Introduction to SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Architecture & Technology
    • High-level Architecture
    • Important Architectural Decisions
    • FAQs
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Cloud Portal
    • Cloud Portal Infrastructure self-service
    • Cloud Portal self-service How-tos
    • Connecting your repository
    • Logging and monitoring
    • VPNs
  • Development
    • The Build manifest file
    • Build Best Practices
    • Deployment, access and data transfers
    • Email Integration
    • Support
  • Integrations
    • Overview of integration options and tools
  • Data Maintenance
    • Data retention and cleanup rules
    • Database housekeeping
  • Introduction to Migration
    • An Outlook About Your MOVE
    • Migration Process Overview
  • Migration Process
    • Prepare Phase
    • Explore Phase
    • Realize Phase
    • Deploy Phase
    • Run Phase
    • Code Adaptions
    • Media Migration
    • Database Migration
    • Database Migration CMT Demo
  • Further readings
  • Assessment
    • Knowledge review


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • understand and manage SAP Commerce Cloud projects


  • Technology Consultant
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User



  • Developer level experience with SAP Commerce on-premise


  • SAP Commerce Cloud knowledge and an understanding of SAP Commerce Cloud Portal

Course based on software release

  • SAP Commerce Cloud 2011


  • This course is available for Learning Hub Subscription (Professional, or Customer Experience, Partner and Partner Edge editions)
  • Only SAP CX customers and partners will have access to the SAP download center whereby they can install SAP CX software. All others have to use WTS.
  • If you are not an official SAP Customer Experience partner or customer, you cannot access the SAP Wiki.