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  • This course provides you with hands on training experience with the Commissions (Callidus) application and its related processes. At the end of the course, you will be able to manage organizational data, create and distribute compensation plans, run and manage pipelines; view and communication reports via the dashboards and lastly, you will be able to manage the dispute process.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Identify key Commissions terminology and concepts
    • Perform key tasks in various Commissions (Callidus) workspaces
    • Define Organization Data
    • Manage Plan Rules, Compensation Plans and Compensation Elements
    • Discuss the different Administrative functions
    • Create a plan from start to finish in Commissions (Callidus)
    • Perform other Commissions functionality such as disputes, reporting and dashboards


  • Business Process Architect
  • Program Manager
  • System Administrator – Target Audience
  • Support Personnel



  • Commissions Foundations e-learning


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP Commissions 2018.3


  • Commissions (Callidus) Overview and Plan Basics
    • Commissions (Callidus) Overview
    • Understanding key terminology and concepts
    • Discussing the compensation process cycle
    • Introducing a sample use case scenario
  • Navigation and Basic Administration
    • Reviewing how to log-in to Commissions
    • Setting up system preferences and data
    • Importing compensation related data using data loaders
    • Discussing Calendars and Default Periods
    • Reviewing Business Units and other reference data
  • Organization Data
    • Identifying the different types of organization data
    • Creating Participants, Positions and Titles
    • Creating Custom Roll Relationships
    • Defining effective versions
  • Compensation Elements
    • Defining transactions and orders
    • Reviewing categories, classifiers and root categories
    • Discussing classifier types and classification rules
    • Creating a category hierarchy
    • Writing a classification rule
    • Discussing key compensation plan elements
  • Elements of a Compensation Plan
    • Describing the compensation plan management process
    • Creating and Assign a Compensation Plan
    • Understanding and managing the different types of Compensation Rules
  • Calculation and Results
    • Reviewing the pipeline calculation process
    • Identifying the different calculation processing stages
    • Demonstrating how to manually enter results
    • Defining payments and balances
  • Additional Topics
    • Discussing Standard Reporting
    • Demonstrating how to configure a standard report
    • Reviewing Data Integration
    • Explaining Dashboards and Widgets
    • Discussing the Plan Communicator
    • Reviewing the Disputes Management tool

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