Course announcements

  • In this course you will learn how to set up and run SAP Cloud for Customer effectively for your day-to-day business.

Course information

  • Introduction to SAP Cloud for Customer 
    • Articulating the Functional Capabilities of SAP Cloud for Customer 
  • Starting the Project 
    • Preparing for the Implementation Project 
    • Describing Fine Tuning 
    • Describing Q-Gates 
  • Account and Contact Management 
    • Understanding the Basic Functions of Account and Contact Management 
  • Products and Price Lists 
    • Understanding Products and Price List Concepts in SAP Sales Cloud 
  • Organizational Structure 
    • Explaining the Role of an Organizational Structure in the Solution 
  • Territory Management 
    • Defining Complex Territory Hierarchy Structures 
  • User and Role Management 
    • Maintaining Employees and Explain What a Business User Is 
  • Data Migration 
    • Guiding Your Customer on Which Data Should Be Migrated 
  • Integration 
    • Describing Integration Scenarios with CRM and ECC 
    • Describing Integration with FSM 
    • Describing Integration with Microsoft Outlook 
    • Describing the Benefits of Integration with Social Media 
  • Notifications, Workflow, and Approvals 
    • Setting Up an Approval Process for Opportunities 
  • Personalization and Extensibility 
    • Describing How to Use Personalization and Adaptation 
  • Analytics Framework 
    • Exploring the Standard Reports and Create or Modify Views for Those Reports 
  • Mobile 
    • Describing the Different Mobile Access Options 
  • Solution Walkthrough 
    • Preparing an SAP Cloud for Customer Environment for Solution Walkthrough 
  • Preparing for Go-Live 
    • Describing the Necessary Go-Live Activities 
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Use the SAP Cloud for Customer administrative functions to effectively manage the needs of the business
    • Create an organization structure enabling customers to use the solution to meet the needs of the business
    • Migrate data into the application and troubleshoot migration issues
    • Translate customer business needs to best practice business scenarios in SAP Cloud for Customer
    • Set up and configure the solution to manage business processes including sales, marketing, service and social
    • Describe the integration scenarios available with SAP Cloud for Customer
    • Adapt and extend the solution to meet customer-specific needs
    • Learn about the mobile features of SAP Cloud for Customer
    • Demonstrate the reporting capabilities of the system
  • Business Process Architect
  • Program / Project Manager
  • System Administrator


  • CRM/SD domain knowledge


  • SAP Cloud for Customer functional experience
  • C4H410 OR C4H510
  • This course applies to the SAP Sales Cloud certification exam and SAP Service Cloud certification exam
  • This course is often offered during the same week as the SAP Sales Cloud Course (C4H410) / SAP Service Cloud Course (C4H510). It is recommended that this course be taken after the C4H410 / C4H510 course, to gain maximum product benefit and certification e
  • SAP Cloud for Customer 2111
  • This course does not cover detailed integration aspects with SAP ERP and SAP CRM. These are covered in course C4H450.
  • This course also does not cover Software Development Kit (SDK). This is covered in course C4H460.

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