Course announcements

  • This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of implementation functionalities, features, rules and concepts of SAP Commissions. This course is targeted for Implementation consultants.
  • In this course, you will learn about the most common implementation tasks you would need to perform within a project. The course includes an interactive workshop. During the workshop you will collaborate with the trainer to analyze and discuss a business case and learn about the best practice in implementing this business case. Participants will get access to SAP Commissions tenants for hands-on exercises during the training class.

Course information

  • SAP Commissions Overview and Key Terms
    • Introduction to SAP Commissions
    • Key Terms in SAP Commissions
  • SAP Commissions Setup
    • Sales Performance Homepage
    • System Navigation
    • Calendars
    • System & User Preferences
    • Customizations
    • Processing Unit & Business Unit
    • Global Values
  • Organizational Data
    • Effective Dates & Versioning
    • Organizational Data
    • Managing Organizational Data Change
  • Classification and Compensation Elements
    • Classification Data
    • Compensation Elements
    • Variables
    • Territories in Relation to Classification Data
    • Best Practices
  • Compensation Plans and Rules
    • Credit, Measurement, Incentive & Deposit Rules
    • Rolling Credits vs. Rolling Other Results Data
    • Duplicate Credits
    • Proration Logic
    • Creating a Plan and Assigning Plan to Title
    • Variable Assignment
    • Best Practices
  • Commissions Pipeline
    • Pipeline Calculation Process
    • Pipeline Process Stages
    • Calculation Processing Modes
    • Payments and Balances
    • Running a Pipeline
  • Additional Topics
    • Plan Communicator
    • Dashboard
    • Disputes
  • Workshop
    • Interactive Business Case Workshop
  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Define the appropriate implementation tasks
    • Define key Commissions terminology and concepts
    • Explain Commissions workspaces
    • Define Organization Data
    • Demonstrate Plan Rules, Compensation Plans and Compensation Elements
    • Manage various Administrative functions
    • Demonstrate how to build a plan from start to finish in Commissions
    • Identify implementation best practices
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Application Consultant



  • Commissions e-Learning on Learning Hub (C4HCOMFOUND)
  • SAP Commissions Live Sessions (14 sessions – Course Codes listed below):
  • C4HCOMPRe_EN_Col92
  • C4HCOMADMIe_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM106_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM104_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM102_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM105B_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM103B_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM105A_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM103A_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM203_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM107_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM202_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM201B_EN_Col92
  • LS_C4H_REC_COM201A_EN_Col92
  • Note:
  • CallidusCloud University All Access subscribers: SAP Commissions e- Learning and CULive sessions can be found here (
  • Non-CallidusCloud University members: you can purchase SAP Commissions training directly from the SAP Training Shop (
  • Chrome is preferred when working with SAP Commissions, but if you experience any difficulties on Chrome, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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